Atlantica Crafting Guide
28 Nov 2022

Atlantica Crafting Guide

Post by Walter Washington

When crafting items, there are many things you should consider. It is important to think about the long-term impact on your crafting abilities. You should ask yourself, “Will I be able to craft certain weapons?” Will I make rings? Which is the most lucrative crafting item? There are many other things you can ask. It is a complicated topic, but I will try to make it easier for you. What about your final form? That may determine your your crafting desires. While you can craft whatever you like, it is best to focus on just 1-3 skills. These are the things you should ask before you begin crafting. You will most likely have multiple weapon types, and possibly armor types depending on the lineup you choose. Higher levels of craft are required to make the gears, so it is a good idea to have a high crafting level for what gears you require.

The Most Profitable Types of Crafting!

CRYSTALS and RINGS are two of the most profitable forms of crafting, especially in the early stages. I have made millions from selling crystals and rings for between 20k and 100k+, respectively. It takes only 15-30 minutes to make a batch of 15, which can then be sold or enchanted to higher levels and equipped on your mercs and hero. It is a good idea to become a crystal enchanter if you plan to be a ring maker. Certain crystals are required to enchant rings. Crystals are extremely rare, and I’m not sure if they ever drop. As you can see, people cannot help but buy on the market. This equals a lot of money!

The above picture shows a skill trainer. Once you reach the point where your skill can be upgraded, it will turn orange. The trainer will allow you to upgrade your skills, depending on how many points have been accumulated. You can craft higher-level items the more you level up. Skill trainers will only allow you to reach level 10, after which you have two options to continue your craft level upgrade.

Recommendation: Learn from other players

Crafters with higher skills can be found on the community craft list, or through shouts in the game. These shouts are continuously being sent by other players. You can also teach others skills by shouting in world chat. You will receive bonus points for teaching other crafters and will be able to earn points for helping them. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. If you are looking for someone to teach crafting, you should be at a lower level than them. If they are, you can add them as friends. You can then click actions in their whisper window and click actions–>share information. You can then find the subject matter you are interested in teaching or the other person will learn it and share it with you.

Wandering Crafting NPCs (Last Resort).

You can also learn skills from wandering NPCs. If you have many levels to upgrade, you will need to pay money. It is also difficult to find the NCP’s you need for your craft upgrade. You can only upgrade your craft if you are at the top of the game in a particular area. You will most likely not be the highest level in a particular area and can easily upgrade from other people’s work. You can start teaching crafting once you reach level 10. It only costs 1k gold, so it’s cheap!

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