Hobbyists Today: Craft websites
28 Nov 2022

Hobbyists Today: Craft websites

Post by Walter Washington

For the craft enthusiast who wants to turn their hobby into a business, websites are essential. Online presence gives craft a professional appearance and lets people know that it is much more than a hobby.

Today, many people are making their crafts a real business. This is either because they lost their jobs or the economic downturn. Or, it’s just a natural progression. Friends and family started referring their friends to their coworkers, and the hobby became a business.

Many crafters have also taken their business online, opening storefronts on sites like eBay.com and Etsy.com to reach more people with their crafts.

The best way to make crafts online is to create a web presence. This will allow you to be recognized as an authority on the craft.

Many crafters set up business cards at craft fairs. It’s a good idea and almost a necessity to have your URL or website address listed on your business cards. Even for small craft businesses, it’s a common practice.

These are the steps you need to make your craft online. Customers who come to your craft shows and want to buy your products later will be able to find your product online. This will increase your chances of starting a craft business. It can also help you build a side income that could support you full-time in the event that you lose your job.

These are the pages you should start your craft website with, especially if selling crafts.

The Home Page of a Craft Site

Photography: Crafts can be sold online using stunning photos.

Your craft items should be photographed on your home page and throughout the site. The Home page is the first place that most visitors to your website will go so make sure they are familiar with what you offer and where you sell it.

A brief introduction: Give a few sentences that explain what your products do, how they are used, and why you think people should buy them.

Testimonials If your products have been sold, add a few testimonials to your website. This will let people know that you are establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

About Me Page
Who are you? This page should give a bit of information about you, your history and how you got into crafting. This page is for you if you want to tell a bit about yourself and how you got started with your craft.

Contact Page
You should have a way to allow your customers to reach you to inquire about special orders and how they can buy your crafts.

Perhaps you are just starting out and want to show your work and get orders over the phone. That’s perfectly okay! This is a common practice among crafters to start filling orders.

If you sell many items via email or phone, you can always add a shopping cart and Buy Now buttons.

Article Page, or Directory

Writing articles about your craft is a great way to show that you are an expert or experienced craftsperson. You could also write about how to make crafts cheaper, or any topic at all.

There are many ways crafters can learn to create websites that include links to other resources. For those just starting out, having a craft website will give your business a professional look and make it seem more than just a hobby.