30 Nov 2022

How to Arrange Your Craft Materials in a Limited Space

Post by Walter Washington

Space is a precious commodity in a small home. It’s simply impossible to store things we don’t use or need. Craft supplies, however, are essential, as we all know.

I would remove some clothes to make space for my crafting supplies if they came down. Priorities are what I have!

It’s easy to organize my crafting supplies in a small space.

These steps can be constructive when storing your craft supplies in a small area. These are the steps I used to organize and keep my craft supplies in order.

It doesn’t matter if you have very few or substantial craft rooms. It should continue you from making beautiful, unique crafts. It’s up to us to be creative with what little space we have.


  • Purge, declutter, and declutter your craft supplies to make them more manageable in a small space. This is the most crucial step in storing your craft supplies in a small area.

This step-by-step guide will walk you through decluttering craft supplies if you are looking for additional guidance. It also contains pictures of me decluttering my craft stash for inspiration!

Craft supplies can be challenging to store in small spaces. It would be best to be careful about what goes and stays. Craft cutters can quickly get out of hand in small spaces.

You should give your crafting supplies a thorough cleaning. Also, make sure you go through your stash often to eliminate any items that aren’t needed or not necessary. Your craft supplies should fit into the space available, not vice versa.

  • Find a suitable organization system for your space. A cubby or bookcase is a great way to store craft supplies in a small area. You can organize your items on the shelves and move them around if necessary.

This nine-cube organizer holds all my crafting supplies well. It can be stored in a closet, so it takes up no space in our living room.

You can also go to yard sales or thrift stores for incredible deals on used shelves. They usually only need to be painted and are ready to go.

Containers, bins, or baskets are great for keeping everything organized on shelves. Many shelving units have some baskets that can fit right on the shelves, such as my blue fabric drawers.

You don’t have to limit yourself to these. You can easily create your own using a cardboard box.

Clear plastic bins can be used if your space needs to be more significant for a shelf.

Before switching to my cube shelf, I used these bins for a while. They are now used to store holiday decorations.

  • Your craft supplies should be arranged on your shelves. You can maximize the space you have by organizing everything to fit precisely.

Make sure your fabric is the same size as your shelves. Do you see how simple it can make a big difference?

Keep craft supplies organized so that they are easy to find. Use baskets, boxes, or bins to organize your collections.

Label the boxes to make it easy to see what’s in them without looking around for something. You can add some craft supplies to your stash by leaving a little more space.

4. You need to keep your crafting stash in order and manageable.

You can plan projects that will use up extra supplies. Make sure you only purchase the supplies you need for your project when you visit the shop.

Here’s a look at my system. This nine-cube organizer is what I use to store all my craft supplies. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit.

Although it fits perfectly in my closet, it looks good enough to be left out in the open if I had the room.

My sewing machine is positioned on my current craft basket and a seashell container. A container filled with seashells is a must because who wouldn’t? Living by the seashore is a way of life!

My fabric felt and sewing materials are located on the first row. I have saved some space by folding my fabric in the exact dimensions of the shelves.

All my sewing accessories were placed in this scrapbook box and fit perfectly on my organizer’s shelves. For easy storage, my cutting mat can slide behind the organizer.

The fabric drawers store my paint, glue ribbons, yarns, wine corks, paper, and other craft supplies. They slide easily in and out, so it’s easy to find what I need. They’re also great for hiding craft supplies we don’t have.

There you go! Although I don’t have a lot of stuff, I have enough room to store the things I use regularly.

How do you store your crafting supplies in a small space? Please leave me your comments with all details!