Balinese wood crafts
11 May 2021

Balinese wood crafts

Post by Walter Washington

Bali is the largest island in Indonesia. bali has many interesting things that make people all over the world want to come.

The island of Bali is located at the eastern tip of Java, the main island of Indonesia. For the most part, Balinese craftsmen are excellent wood carvers and painters. This is evident simply by taking a walk around the island and taking a look at temples, houses, and even ceremonial decorations. their craft develops along with their spirituality. The cultural sub-district here is located in Ubud, while the main metal handicraft production is in a place called tabanan.

Balinese sculpture with natural media

Wood, stones, bones, horns, dead wood, and even wrinkled tree roots. Today, souvenir caliber wood carvings are stirred and successful creations are mass produced. Any visitor to Bali is likely to be exposed to woodcarvings in all forms, be it a traditionally carved doorway, a carved god statue, or the countless sculptures at a craft shop. Wood carving is an art craft that is practiced all over Bali. Open your ears to hear the tapping sound of the sculptor’s hammer and you’ll know there’s one around. Separating traditional and foreign influences will be burdensome. However, the Balinese are intense observers of the outside world, easily incorporating and adapting foreign themes into their work.

For quality wood carvings, head to Tegallalang, Pujung, and Sebatu which are north of Ubud. This is a great place to meet wood carvers; it is best to note down the artist’s name and visit him at the repair shop to negotiate a better price. Bali is a great place for western artists to learn their craft. There are wood carving lessons where you can learn to carve your own mask in about three weeks.

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