March 18th, 2009



  1. Kestrel

    Uh-oh… I don’t like the looks of ‘short stuff’. This can’t be good….

    Oh, and check out panel 3 – it’s a cameo by Conan O’Brien! :)

    P.S. Don’t forget to vote!

  2. Preatori0us

    I have a feeling Win’s about to see something he won’t like.

  3. Ian

    I have a feeling Win’s about to get his butt handed to him by a short, elderly gentleman.

  4. Chris

    I have a feeling he’s not exactly a short, elderly gentleman.

  5. Legrasse

    I say Sho, you say ggoth!

  6. frankg

    I say GAHBLURRRGH!….

  7. alientango

    uh, did women use words like that (in panel 1) in the early 20th century? yours curiously…

  8. alientango

    hang on… didn’t he leave in the car earlier? or am i confusing characters? or do we wait to see what comes next…?

  9. lovecraf

    My grandmother , who would have been in her late 20s about this time, was the sweetest, most even-tempered woman I’ve ever known, went to church regularly, loved animals and children, but she could let fly with far worse than Nan’s epithet when the occasion demanded.

    And no, Heeg didn’t get away in the car; that was Dr. K.