Update 7-18-14

Healthwise, things are looking up. Still no prognosis, but I’m gaining wait, one tumor is definitely shrinking and liver functions seem to be improving at a an important rate. PET scan near the end of August will give a better big picture, but the extreme fatigue turned out to be the cumulative effect of the chemo, and with a few adjustments I am getting much more done.

The strip is going to start up again on August 20–teh old Gentleman’s birthday–and since that’s a Wednesday, we’ll also have a new page up on Friday as a bonus. Please tell your friends The first three months will be the pages I’ve been working on, and then I’m proud to announce the new artist, Jerry Bennet, will make his debut. You’re going to love him, he’s terrific (assuming I haven’t cursed something by announcing it this early.) He’ll carry it through to the end of Book 5, then we will both take a break to prep for the ultimate issue 6. No sense short changing anybody at this late date.


  1. missallen

    OHH LARRY!! I am doing the happy dance for you! Glad to hear that chemo is going well, and that your appetite and weight are better. BRILLIANT! We look forward to new pages and I, for one, am grateful beyond words to your doctors and your own indomitable spirit. Hang in there, mister!!

  2. Darren

    That’s a lot of good news! Stay strong!

  3. njcommuter

    Good news and good hopes for all! Thanks for the note, for you work, and the consideration you show us. I’ll be waiting …

  4. Stephan

    Yay for you !!! Keep on going old man – You rock!!!!!

  5. David Kopaska-Merkel

    Great going! I’m excited about the strip & your progress.

  6. JustJohn67

    Excellent news on all fronts, but particularly health-wise. Thank you for the update; we’ll be here.

  7. connexion

    Glad to know that things are looking up health-wise, sir! Will certainly be here on the 20/8! Best of luck with everything – thanks for keeping us updated and respect for your indomitable spirit!

  8. El Dado Inquieto

    Congratulations for your health improvement! See you in August 20th

  9. Joe Collins

    That’s awesome! I’m really glad to hear the good news. Keep going strong.

  10. Jakob

    Thank you for the updates! All the best.

  11. Shoggoth Lord

    WOOHOO!! This is all great news! Glad to have You back, Larry! ^///^

  12. Jad'

    I was a little worried to have no news from your health. Good to know you seem in the right path to win against that Shoggoth.
    Keep the fight Larry !

  13. A Fan

    Great to see an update, and even better that it’s positive health news! I’m pretty psyched about the comic picking up again too. Remember, people with things to finish tend to outlive people who don’t.

    So, you know… keep writing comics. ;)

  14. lukasbrunner

    Good news, good news. I’m glad. Hope we’ll hear more!

  15. memphisslim

    That’s great news Larry!
    Best of luck.

  16. Boris

    Great newses all round! I was getting awfully done with the ‘Ten little indians’ quote ;-)

    (could you delete the one before this one?)

  17. Rick Smith

    Great news, thanks for posting and letting us know what is going on. I’m so happy that obscene, alien growths, eating you from … In-Side … YOUR OWN BODY …

    Get well soon. ;D

    Warm regards, Rick.

  18. SpaceCoyote

    Mr. Latham, this message is necessarily for publishing unless you feel so inclined… I’m both pleased and relieved to hear of your condition’s improvements (having witnessed the withering effects of chemo and cancer first hand) and I hope things have turned the corner for you. Attitude plays a tremendous roll in recovery, and you seem to have the right one! It’s been a pleasure and an inspiration reading your material week by week, and I can’t wait for this epic story to resume! Thank you for your hard work, and wishing you the best.

  19. Lars

    Glad to hear the good news, Larry.
    Will be hoping for the best for you.

  20. Cybrludite

    Great to hear. Kick the cancer in its squamous backside!

  21. Matt Carpenter

    I am so glad you are doing well. Thank you for this wonderful comic; we discussed it at the Lovecraft eZine web chat recently. I would love to get it as a graphic novel.