Update 6/19/2014

Had to skip chemotherapy last week, because my white blood cell count was dangerously low.SO I got it yesterday, and am just enjoying the general discomfort that comes with the first three or four days. The good news is that it seems to be working. I am able to eat full meals of solid food, getting up 2000 calories a day on my own without supplements. There was a good period there when I couldn’t get half that even with Boost and smoothies. And although I haven’t completely reversed the weight loss, I’ve slowed it from roughly 10 pounds a week to 2 pounds. I claim a victory.

Still hunting for a penciller. I’ve a number of really enthusiastic beginners, but no one I was willing to pay the rate I’m offering. I don’t need a mimic, but I need a certain quality level to feel comfortable. In the meantime I just keep plunging ahead on my own. I need to go back and start coloring and then I can start posting again. I’ve got three months of inked/lettered art ready. That should give me a buffer.

Been on a samurai movie binge. Some good,some great, all of them make me wish I could introduce a samurai into LIM:-)

Till later…..


  1. Darren

    Glad you’re eating better and have fun with the samurai movies–just don’t watch The Last Samurai. Tom Cruise teaching the Japanese what it really means to be a samurai will only make you feel sicker!

  2. Shoggoth Lord

    Great to hear You’re improving. You’ve also reminded Me I still need to see some of those old Samurai movies. Still haven’t watched Rashomon….

    Anyway, keep at it and get better!

  3. Doctor X

    Keep the spirits up. On that note–though you probably have seen some of these:

    A Hidden Fortress–the main movie Lucas stole from.

    Zatoichi–Takeshi Kitano’s version

    Kill!–hard to find but psycho–with Tatsuya Nakadai who keeps getting killed by Mifune in Yojimbo and Sanjuro.

    Samurai Rebellion–touching and sad.

    Twilight Samurai

    Samurai Fiction–wonderful satire of the genres. Includes a fantastic long scene of three dudes running at the camera down a road “looking intense” because . . . that is what you do when you are a samurai on a quest!

    Ninja Scroll–yes . . . anime . . . no . . . trust me. No robots or school girls.

    Six String Samurai–”I’ve got a gig in Vegas!”

  4. missallen

    HUZZAH!! Glad to hear that your appetite is improving and that your body is using those calories to rebuild itself.

    WE ARE ROOTING FOR YOU!! Cheers, Cynthia Allen

  5. Michael Leuchtenburg

    Awesome! Glad to hear that the chemo is working for you.

  6. David Kopaska-Merkel

    Great news! Sorry about the penciller problem :(

  7. Jad'

    A samurai in LIM ?
    That will require some stretching I guess…

    All my best for your fight, keep the good mood. Every battle won is another step away from that ghaslty eldritch bitch.

  8. GuruJ

    Thank you for these updates. I mostly lurk but still check in every day or two to see how you are getting along. Glad to hear you are staying positive and strong …

  9. Dranorter

    Just caught up here after not reading the comic since… November? due to some RSS hiccup or other. I hope your treatment is going as well as it sounds and you find a way to finish everything the way you’d like. the best thing you can do for future generations is survive. Second best is to write things down.