Update, 6-10-14

Last chemo tomorrow, and I feel I’m better prepared by far than I was for the last two.

The guy I had working on the pencils didn’t work out, which is a shame because I thought he was doing a good job. I’ve put out the word and have a couple of other prospects. In the meantime, I continue to move forward. I have one more page to finish (no. 92!) before I will then go back and start color.

Have  a good weekend.


  1. Darren

    Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Algae

    Sorry to hear about the pencil guy. Artists are not easy to get to work together.

    Good luck with the next round of treatment. Take that cancer to the edge of the abyss and throw it off.

  3. A Fan

    Here’s to hoping you recover so quickly that you don’t need to hire anyone else!

  4. missallen

    Sorry to hear about the pencil guy; I’m sure you will find another quickly. Please let us all know how your CT scan turns out; you’ve got a big bunch of people rootin’ for you!

  5. Griz2000

    More good wishes rolling your way. Take care!