Update 2 June 2014

Things continue to bubble along. Finished my third chemo last week; next week will  be the last before a new CT scan, which will show if the chemo is working. I think it is, not because I’m Pollyanna, but because of certain little changes here and there in my body that seem to indicate some shrinkage in the tumor. That doesn’t mean I’m out of the woods, it just means there’s a bit more of a chance to stick around awhile longer than could be.

I have a wealth of material for LIM building up. As I mentioned, 7 pages ready to color (hope to start that this weekend), 8 new pages written and being worked on by the new guy. He’s having a bit of trouble finding his feet, but I’ve told him not to try and imitate my style. I think his own style fits fine. Moving ahead (albeit slowly) on the book 6 synopsis, and I got this wild hair that I wanted to draw the actual last four pages of book 6 myself, so it ends with my work. To that end, I pencilled and am inking those pages now as well.

I appreciate all the good wishes and good thoughts and hopefully I won’t sound greedy if I ask for them to continue. Several people have made donations, including some very large ones. I appreciate those as well. I am not actively seeking donations, but any money received is going into its own little account to pay the new artist and do other things to help finish the book. But it will be finished in one form or another, no matter what.


  1. JennyB

    It’s always good to read your updates. All my encouragement and well-wishes!

  2. Shoggoth Lord

    Good to hear the treatment seems to be working. Hang in there, Buddy.

  3. Griz2000

    Wishing you all the good wishes, and thinking all the good thoughts I can muster. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Take care of yourself!

  4. David Kopaska-Merkel

    I read all your updates. I’m impressed with your determination, but even more with your ability to get this done. We are all pulling for you.

  5. Jad'

    Good to know that things seem to get along well, both about LIM and about your health.

  6. njcommuter

    I can’t say the news is as good as I’d hoped for your health, but it’s something. It sounds like you’re making real progress with the story, which is good news for all of us. And I like the idea of you coming back onstage with the climax or denoument. Thank you

    More good news. I want *more* good news, for you especially!

  7. Jakob

    Best wishes (from Austria). Thanks for the comic and the updates.

  8. Domenico

    I wish you all the best… I have a feeling of what you’re enduring, because of family events.

  9. lukasbrunner

    Glad to hear good news from you. Hope we all will hear them for a long time!

  10. missallen

    Larry, glad to hear that you are doing better. I am holding good thoughts for you and know that your determination is a huge factor in you getting better. ( some hugs, appropriate!)

  11. Gillsing

    I hope things go well for you. And badly for your cancer. Better tell those cells to quit copying themselves, and that enough is enough.

  12. Cybrludite

    Not the praying type, but I’m thinking good thoughts and I might be saying a few “to whom it may concerns” on your behalf.

  13. Terran Sin

    I’m happy to hear about your progress and even more so to read you’re functioning without impairment. We look forward to your updates now even more than before.

  14. algae

    Best wishes Larry, Cancer treatment is a marathon. So keep your eye on the horizon and be there for your family, in some ways this process can be harder for them than for the patient.


  15. Howl56

    Hang in there. It’s good to hear that things sound good. And I can’t help but think that continuing the comic however you can is a good thing for you (creativity powers life) as well as for the readers of this great story.

  16. inuyasha1950

    Best wishes. I really hope you can beat this thing. I follow “Lovecraft” assiduously! (That’s not a word I use lightly!)