Update 5-23-14

A little lighter update today.

I pulled all my notes and scribbles and various versions for book 6 together and completed my first draft outline. So much has changed since I first conceived the whole thing that it took a lot of juggling. Characters have changed, motivations have altered, and some events have been moved in time. For instance, the back story of how Kartophilus was a living tumor that came out of Abdul Al-Hazred was originally part of the climax. But it seemed to fit so much better where I ended up putting it that I didn’t sweat moving it. A few things have gone in reverse, moving to this last chapter.

The story is the same, mind you, and the climax is the same as has always been planned. But new events, new characters, etc., have just added different coloration to what was already there.Better coloration.

It looks like it will run, if done in comic book form, well over 100 pages. I still need to go back over the previous five books to make sure I haven’t missed a plot thread or incident that needs to be wrapped up, but reading over what I have just as it is now, I have to say¬† this:

It’s going to be a hell of an issue.


  1. njcommuter

    Terrific! It’s great to hear you’re feeling up to this work, and great to hear that you’re at this stage. Everyone here must be up on the tenterhooks waiting.

    So no pressure now! And thanks again.

  2. Jakob

    And I am very much looking forward to it.

    Be well.

  3. captkiddeo

    wow…this is gonna be some fat graphic novel when it’s finally printed on paper (I’m an optimist and living in the past but I love reading the printed page.)

  4. Jad'

    Thanks you so much for all this gorgeous work !

  5. Boris

    Man it must be fun to watch this thing grow from your head (like Kartophilus hisself). Onwards, unholy soldier!

  6. A Fan

    I look forward to being able to buy it! Hope your health is improving; oddly I read this update as spoken in a tone of returning energy/clarity.

  7. Adam Black

    For everyones sake it none of turns autobiographical.
    There is Meta fiction and there is META.

    ( If you have named your cancer ‘Kartophilus’ , you can totally tell us )

    Great news on the Book!

  8. Ilaria

    I’m a young girl from Italy very inspired by your work. I want to thank you for this great comic and your passion. :)

  9. Sean

    This is great!! I just discovered your comic today and I already love it!

  10. Raziel

    I love this comics. Printed version is a must have!

  11. Oscar √Čvinof

    Greetings from Brittany. I started to read your work today, and I must say that it seems to be very interesting… and very well drawn. Congratulations. It’s really nice to let us enjoy it for free. Thank you very much, Sir.

  12. Darren

    Thank you for the hours of pleasure that I’ve had reading your work. I wish you happiness.

  13. Shoggoth Lord

    I reeeeally hope this will eventually see print. This comic is amazing and I’d really like to be able to hold it in My hands. Also, good to hear things are chugging along, and I already expected the coming events to be amazing, so no surprises there. ^_^

  14. Michael Speck

    I’m sorry to learn that you are ill. I’ve enjoyed LiM so much that I deliberately read at a slow pace to prolong the pleasure. I look forward to finishing the journey you stared for us, and wish the best for you and yours.

  15. Doctor X

    Belated best wishes and encouragement!

  16. Kany

    Just discovered your comic and wanted to say that your work is stunning. It is by far one of the best webcomics I’ve come across so, thank you :)

  17. Chuck Patton

    I’ve been enjoying this series since the beginning and can’t praise it enough! Bravo Larry and may you finally get this printed as one huge, gorgeous collection as it deserves!

  18. Anders Seneca Bang

    I found your comic through a Cthulhu fan page on facebook today and now I wasted my entire day reading it through instead of writing on my thesis, which I’m really stressed about already, but what’s a man to do? I couldn’t stop reading it… I really hope there will be a book at some point. I found myself wondering if I should print it out and bind it myself about halfway into part two.

    I’m very sad to read about your cancer. Best wishes from Denmark.