Update 5-17-2014

I didn’t mean to let so much time go past without another update. It puts the wrong idea in people’s heads. I’ve had good days and bad days, most of the bad being due to other things than the chemo and disease. A missed med, a bad acupuncture session, etc.

I’m into my second round of chemo now. I know there is sometihng at war in my guts because I can feel things burbling and moving –not like gas, smart-alecks–and I am taking it as a sign that chemo is kicking some cancer butt.

Lovecraft kept an actual journal of his dying days, even through all the tremendous pain. An odd one to the end, he. Me, I first of all don’t plan on getting to that point, but if I do, I will be too tanked on morphine to do any writing.

I’m still moving forward slowly. I can get about a panel a day done when I’m feeling good. And I’m writing script pages for the new guy, and trying to work out all the wagging tails that must be settled in the final book. And there are a few pages I may just have to draw myself no matter what.




  1. Philippe Saner

    Keep on trucking. We’ve never actually met and this probably doesn’t mean anything to you, but I’m rooting for you.

    So if I suddenly develop magical powers, you’ll be fine. And if I don’t, well, you might still be fine. Good luck.

  2. Darrell Leland

    Larry I genuinely admire how you are sticking with it throughout all of this. I had a bout with serious illness a few years ago, and my own artwork was what kept me going. For whatever it’s worth, all of my best to you.

  3. A Fan

    I’m sure we’re all rooting for you. I’m just amazed I got to be the first one to say it on this status update. Hang in there and win!

    Hey, this update is page/post 8484. Maybe if you aren’t feeling up to drawing you can still keep yourself busy researching what meanings that might have in various numerologies? It’s not much, but it’s something else to do while you’re getting past chemo.

  4. Nekko

    Keep fighting Larry. I know this is a hard fight and can only imagine how hard the treatments are on you. Routing for your recovery!

  5. Adam

    Thanks for all of your wonderful work. I’m cheering you on.

  6. From Germany


    I’m amazed at how you keep going on even with so much stuff blocking your way. Most people I know would have long since given up. For what it’s worth, I’ve always loved your Webcomic ever since I found out about it. I am sure you have touched many people’s life with your art! And thats something amazing. We’re rooting for you!
    Good luck,

  7. njcommuter

    Thanks for the update. Thanks for just stopping in to visit.

    And keep on trucking.

  8. Matthew

    I haven’t really known what to say when I finally got caught up enough to understand the situation. Everything I think of just seems so inadequate.

    For what it’s worth, I am so very impressed with your fight and your dedication to your Art. You, sir, are an inspiration and an example to us all. Thank your for sharing so much with us.

  9. missallen

    Hang in there sweetie! The fact that you can feel stuff working is good. There are so many people out here with good thoughts for you. And having something to take your mind away from the stress and weirdness is the best medicine of all. (((hugs)))

  10. emanym sikcin

    Thanks Larry for your dedication and wonderful work. May all the enjoyment you brought us over the past few years help you now fight the disease. Everyone here cheers you up and supports you: for one comment written, hundreds are reading it. May we give you even more willpower than you already impressively have and may it help you through these bad moments. You are not alone, don’t give up.

  11. Erin

    I just want you to get better, mate. Please hang in there and know we’re pulling for you.

  12. Marc Severson

    Take it easy. We’ll be here when you get around to it.

  13. Sieggy

    I very strongly recommend you start eating live culture yogurt and kefir, those will help repopulate the biote in your gut that the chemo is killing. Also, fermented veggies (real kraut, kimchee, giardinera, picled anything as long as it’s a live culture) will do wonders for you. Making your own is super easy, instructions for doing that are available on-line. All you need are veggies, clean water, sea salt, and a big crock.

  14. Boris

    Onward, unholy soldier! We hang from each panel and we drink each drop of the digital ink.

  15. lovecraf

    Great advice, thanks. I ate some yogurt, cleared up the problem instantly. Of course,the very next thing I ate reignited the gas, but then can’t expect one cup of yogurt to rectify six weeks of chemo. But now I’m onto it. Thanks again.