update 5-1-2014

My own personal Cthulhu got his first taste of chemotherapy yesterday. It’s three drugs, but a 46 hour infusion, so I’m wearing a pump around till tomorrow. No side effects to speak of except, weirdly, an aversion to extreme cold, like the Old Gentleman himself. Only this is weirder. Cold tapwater feels like my fingers are being cut with tiny razors. Ice causes my throat to feel like it is constricting. I hate to think what touching my tongue to a cold flagpole in winter would be like. But these are all just sensations, not physical. Aside from the discomfort I could soak in an ice bath and drink iced tea to my heart’s content. It only lasts a day or two, so I’m good with it.

First couple of days here were hectic but we are settled in now. I’m getting a few hours in on LIM each day. I hope to finalize a deal with another artist when I get back home to finish out issue 5, which will be another 30 pages or so. I have seven completed without color now, and want to finish drawing this sequence before I go back and start color. We might even be up and running by the end of the month and make it through the end of the year without another disruption in service.

I’m writing out detailed notes for the climactic issue, so no matter what happens, the story will be wrapped up. Could be just notes, might be a mix of prose and pictures, might even make it into full comic pages.

Thanks to each and everyone of you for your good wishes, prayers and support. I appreciate it more you know,


  1. connexion

    Glad to know things seem to be going well, sir! Best wishes from the Old Continent!

  2. KLCtheBookworm

    I’m glad your treatment has started off well. *HUGS*

  3. Captain Bucket

    Dude- bad year. Hang in there…

  4. lukasbrunner

    Best wishes on your therapy. Hope you’ll get well soon!

  5. JennyB

    Good to hear that your treatment has started off well!

  6. Jakob

    Thanks for the updates. I hope you get well.

  7. David Kopaska-Merkel

    I am so impressed with your determination. That is probably your greatest health asset, too. You will benefit, I suspect, as much as we fans will. I’ve sacrificed 1000 baby mutant goats to Hastur for you!

  8. Shoggoth Lord

    Good to hear things are working out, Larry. I’m glad the treatment is going well. ^_^

  9. captkiddeo

    wow what an odd side effect…still this is good news…do what you need to do…thanks for keeping us posted…

  10. algae

    Thank you for the update,

    Be sure to take it easy while your white blood cell counts are low, and keep Tylenol nearby at home (the hospital will have their own). My brother would reliably get at least one high fever during the period after the medicines, the recovery could be harder than taking the medicines. Sounds like you are in a good place so listen to the doctor and keep a notebook to write down questions you want to ask him as a reminder when he is there since doctors don’t hang around for long and its easy to forget your questions over the course of a day…

    Also eat well while you can, it not unusual to get nauseous as these treatments progress. for my brother it got to where he lost a lot of weight and needed a feeding tube, hopefully the medicines have improved in the past 12 years and are not as harsh. This is a case where having some reserves will help you keep going.

    Best wishes from Oahu in the middle of the Pacific, if anything hideous crawls from the inky depths I will be sure to say hi for you.

  11. missallen

    Fuck cancer. GO CHEMO! Heart and mind with you, soh ang in there, mister!! We lost Iain Banks last spring; I REFUSE to think you’re going to leave me too.

  12. Adam

    Just Don’t Give UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Your* story, … isnt over, we are still here, we are listening, we are reading.

    I am really thankful for your comic and the effort and you are making to make certain your baby will be complete no matter what.

    —and that Gratitude makes me feel a little selfish.

    Speaking as a long time sufferer, Your description of cold-sensitivity sounds a hell a lot like Neuropathy. Talk to your Doctor. I know what that feels like ( except for the throat stuff )

    Im not sure what state you are in ( for availability ) but CBD is neuroprotective, is helpful for Neuralgia/Neuropathic pain and has recently been shown to be a powerful AntiMetastatic ( !) medicine … without side effects. New research. ( doctor? witchdoctor.. whatever it take or tokes ) ( My hastag for this is #FreeCBD )

    You are in my thoughts, prayers, meditations, Midnight sacrifices to old ones in those forgotten tunnels under downtown Boston *
    Metatastically yours,

  13. Jo

    So far so good. Let us know if there’s anything we can do.

  14. chris steffee

    keep your head up. You are a great story teller. You gave me inspiration to tell my own Lovecraft stories. I tell everybody I talk to about your comic. You are great and your work will live forever.

  15. John Ashmead

    That’s a writer for you: facing chemo & describing the exact sensations! My father, who was among other things a novelist, said for a writer no experience is wasted: everything is raw material!

  16. njcommuter

    Larry, thanks so much for thinking of us. It’s a testimony to the power of Story. But don’t neglect your recovery along the way!

  17. Jens Falkesgaard

    Best of wishes, Larry.

    I hope your little eldritch horror really doesn’t like the drugs! :)

  18. Heartbreak

    Please don’t die.

  19. lovecraf

    I promise I will do everything I can to honor your request.

  20. Normally a Pessimist, but...

    I hope that “beating cancer for good” is something you can add to your list of accomplishments. Have spirit and destroy the enemy!

  21. A. Nuran

    Hang in there, and FUCK CANCER!!!!

  22. Doctor X

    Serious best wishes.