Update 4-22-2014

Well, I’m still feeling pretty good, appetitie good. I’ve made alot of progress on the LIM story and have been in discussions with a terrific artist, Ellis Goodson, to possibly pick up the art chores, at least through the end of issue 5 (the current one.) We are looking at some innovative ways to do the climactic book so as to keep from just running an outline version of the story but without having to draw every page. Some kind of hybrid is looking good, but we are still knocking ideas around.

I’ve also finished up several articles for Ed Hulse over at Blood ‘n’ Thunder magazine, knocked about 2,000 words of a new Carnacki short story, and added to my world bibliography on an obscure but popular European fictional detective, Nat Pinkerton. No moss growing on Larry Latham.

All this in addition to rounding up the five gazillion medical records and dealing with long-term benefits if I can’t return to my job. By 7 pm I am completely worn out.


  1. Lee

    Good to see you keeping busy, young Larry.

    Victorian detectives? Lately I’ve read the works of McLevy and M’Govan (both detectives in Scotland during the Victorian era) and I’ve just found out about Dick Donovan who may, or may not, be worth a read. Good stuff, very accessible although the two first ones both show traces here and there of that Victorian sentimentality that looks odd to us now. It’s great learning the old slang for criminal types – like “smasher” or “resetter.”

    Ah, reminds me, hit Abebooks and find ‘Stand on Me’ – excellent memoir from a guy about the Soho (London’s) of the fifties… Fascinating read about a world that hasn’t existed since you and I were very young.

    BTW, my wife’s an excellent nurse of a type you no longer find commonly, should anything ever puzzle you please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with her. She’s very, very good and approaches medicine (and the competency of many doctors) with a skeptical eye.


  2. KLCtheBookWorm

    After all that, you deserve an early bedtime. :)

  3. gmc0201

    Grateful for what you do.

  4. Cybrludite

    The hybrid thing has worked pretty well for ErfWorld.