Ten Little Indians
February 21st, 2014

Ten Little Indians


  1. dgc2

    Luther is alive! But is Legrasse really dead? Oh No!!! :( And Harley? :( You are giving us something special with LisM Larry, so many thanks, despite you killing off Fan Faves…, such good work…

  2. njcommuter

    The guy in the last panel has a shiner, and Lucas seems to have a problem opening one eye. Hmmm. Otherwise they are somewhat more different than night and day. Does he look like anyone we know? Who has golden eyes? Who’s got wavy hair like that?

    Scene jump or just another shot in the current locale?

  3. njcommuter

    Oops. Luther, not Lucas. Hmm, I must have another story running around in my head, one in a different color of a different spectrum. Sorry!

  4. John Ashmead

    LeGrasse is holding his revolver in his left hand here but in his right hand in “Good Luck”. Is he a lefty or a righty?

  5. KLCtheBookWorm

    Damn, we lost LeGrasse. Who is the guy in the last panel? Pickman? Or is he in the dead column?

  6. Xantalos

    I have just caught up with this webcomic, and I must say, it’s one of the best I’ve ever read. Ever.
    I will be following this with much vigor.

  7. njcommuter

    Yeah, that’s most likely Pickman. I suppose it could be Kreskin, too.

  8. John Ashmead

    Planck himself never really accepted quantum mechanics & referred to his celebrated constant as a “purely formal assumption”. He was one of a number of the founders of quantum mechanics, with Einstein & even Schrödinger, who was notably skeptical of it.

  9. elwin

    Pickman and Kreskin both have trademark short haircuts. I suspect the being in the last panel is Mummy.

    R.I.P. Inspector Legrasse.

  10. Shoggoth Lord

    Anyone else think of that one scene from “Pandorum” when Walter said ‘Ten little Indians’? Also, I don’t know that Legrasse is dead. He might just be too injured to be of any use right now.

  11. Seymour Krelborn

    What do you mean “who is that” in the last panel? That’s got to be “Mummy”! The jellyfish things may have been exploded or driven away by the machine, but she is made of sterner stuff. Compare the face to her earlier appearances in color, not the sepia/negative images of this latest sequence.

  12. njcommuter

    Mmm. I recall her face as more angular. But it’s logical, I suppose. We just have to wait a week to see.

  13. njcommuter

    So … if it -is- Nelda, who is the b**t**d and what is he doing? Is it her Toobin-love? Is it Pickman? Nelda got away from him to go after Fr. Jackie’s team? Or is it Dr. Munoz and his restraint of the gods? Or maybe St. Germaine himslf? It’s hardly possible that Zann is doing it.

  14. clp1975

    Really intense there for a bit. Love it! Keep up the great work.

  15. da Silva

    Still mourning for Ned.

  16. Howl56

    I’ve been loving this story, but I’ve been lost for the last month.

  17. unsungno1

    Just found your comic (yes, I know) and loving it. Have I seen this title printed and in comic stores? Or is that just a false memory? Because this story has kept me reading and reading – I no-lifed this in one day when I should have been on my MMORPG. Well done!! Looking forward to the next installment!