Weekly Shtufff 2-7-2014

There have been a lot of interesting links this last two weeks that are related to Lovecraftian concepts without being in themselves Lovecraftian. But the old gentleman’s notions about time and space and creepy things seems to be validated by modern science. Here are my favorites:

Ancient structures built with advanced technology.

A theory that we are all just mathematical constructs.

This is older, but one of the best. A new kind of photography can take pictures of a photon packet bouncing around inside a coke bottle and see around corners. And they have film to prove it.

Alien life may be far older than we think.

A few of the more obscure advanced civilizations from the past.

Creepy bugs with unsettling abilities.

A possible new planet beyond Pluto.

This next week I’ll have another Occult Detectives entry, taking a look at Semi-Dual.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Sean Walker

    Love your comic; I’ve been faithfully following it for years. However, these links are absolute garbage; the “possible new planet beyond Pluto” is ridiculous. There are probably dozens of pluto-sized objects in the outskirts of the solar system (known as the Kuiper belt), but no massive “planet X”. Additionally, google any of those “mysterious ancient underground cities” and they turn out to be neither mysterious nor unheard of. Turns out there are quite a few underground settlements in Turkey.

  2. lovecraf

    Let it never be said that I repress dissent, but don’t you think “garbage” is a little harsh? Tegmark’s mathematics have a great appeal to many physicists, the femto photography is staggering AND real (imagine being able to take a movie of a photon packet!). The bugs are a phenomenon. And the others you mention may be hyperbolic in their approach, but they are interesting. Coober Pedy is an underground settlement in Australia. Not that you can’t have your opinion, and of course I appreciate your patronage of LIM. But honestly, I wasn’t trying to be the Science News; I was just sharing some stuff that I found interesting that I thought had some relevance to Lovecraft’s stories. Perhaps the blog was just a Facebook post that got lost:-).

  3. Dumb post

    Found the links enlightening, myself, though the “ancient proto-Japanese underwater city” is very likely nationalist propaganda-itself an interesting phenomena.

    Anthrax, by the way, is even more spooky than I expected:
    “The CDC investigated the source and the possibility that it was contracted from an African drum recently used by the woman taking part in a drumming circle.[25] The woman apparently inhaled anthrax [in spore form] from the hide of the drum. She became critically ill, but with gastrointestinal anthrax rather than inhaled anthrax, which made her unique in American medical history. The building where the infection took place was cleaned and reopened to the public and the woman recovered. Jodie Dionne-Odom, New Hampshire state epidemiologist, states, “It is a mystery. We really don’t know why it happened.”

    …its status as bio-weapon of choice aside.

  4. Lee

    Lerry, how about some learned discourse on the subject of the Jersey Devil????