Weekly Shtuff1-31-2014

I stuck my head in the sand, only to find that the sand was a sentient creature and had no intention of ever letting me g. Even now it is slowly decaying my head with various acidic excretions. There is no hope.

That’s at least how it feels sometimes. I know there has to be more going on out there in the world to blog about, but if I can just get my comic page up, I’m happy (more or less.)

Next week, the final part of the Spring Heeled Jack series. I have to tell you, the confusion about these various versions have bugged me for thirty years, so I’m glad to get this out there on the internet.Although none of the stories are particularly rewarding, the character obviously has a lot of appeal. Maybe someone will do something with him one of these days that is truly memorable.


Have a good weekend.



  1. Tony

    Well, you’ve inspired me to dig out my roughly 200 page SHJ manuscript, which has been gathering electronic dust for about three years. It was originally written based on what I’d been able to glean of the plot of the first Burrage series, positing Jack as the world’s first masked superhero.

  2. lovecraf

    Let us know what you do with it. And now you have more information about the 1863 version, and next week, the 1904 version.

  3. Tony

    I’m looking forward to the final installment.

  4. lils

    I wonder if there’s any connection between Springheel’d Jack and the poem “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick”…

  5. lovecraf

    We’ve got a ways to go before we even finish this installment. Book 6, the final book, will probably start sometime in the late summer of this year.

  6. Dumb post

    @lils: The first version of the nursery rhyme was recorded before the first Spring-heeled sigthing, or so it has been claimed. It involves pyromancy, similar to certain beltane rites.