February 7th, 2014



  1. Eeep!

    “Free your mind.”

    Sorry, couldn’t help it! It was RIGHT THERE!!! :D

  2. njcommuter

    That’s a lotta’ faith in Luther, especially as Luther wasn’t exactly safe either. It would be good to learn how Walter and Eli are faring, especially with Mummy Dear.

  3. John Ashmead

    Looks as if the intrepid trio have each vanished in a “puff of math” (as Douglas Adams might have put it:

    Or perhaps we are looking at a variation on quantum teleportation.

    Hopefully the mad fiends, raving cultists, & nightgaunts have bypassed Luther in their haste to attack our threesome!

  4. smuch

    … Uh.
    I’m sorry but as much as I really do love this comic, I really don’t know what to feel about this page.
    I’ll feel somewhat a bit annoyed if all this strange and suspenseful fleeing sequence happened only for them to escape by being teleported away in the end anyway.. I kinda hope there’s a bit more to all this than that.

  5. lovecraf

    Can’t promise you’ll like it, but remember there is a lot of this story yet to tell.

  6. AirRaid

    I just read through all these. I need more, Im glad to see your still going strong.