January 31st, 2014



  1. Andacar

    Following this week by week makes the “he’s dead, no he isn’t, what’s happening?” more confusing. I can’t wait to go back and read this whole sequence through as a whole. Scary stuff: I’ve had dreams like this.

  2. Gaze of Providence

    Time for us— to make like an atom and split?

  3. KLCtheBookworm

    Oh good, we still have three of them.

  4. Ed Kline

    I think your stories are FAR better than Lovecraft’s. Can’t wait for the next “page”

  5. John Ashmead

    OK, is that two got thru via the red branch & one via blue? Looks as if the red, blue, & green branches are recombining. Reminds me of the way quantum paths sum to give the final result of a measurement in quantum mechanics. (And is that Milo Bowers whose arm Win is breaking?)

  6. Lee

    Hollywood and Spring Heeled Jack?

    Ack – you *know* they’d use Johnny Depp with Tim Burton directing and Danny Elfman on soundtrack…

    A good, genuinely disturbing version will probably never see the light of day.

  7. njcommuter

    Don’t think it’s Milo. I’d love to see him damage Ol’ Man Bowers, though. Anyhow, Orwin’s a Battler. He’s doing the family name proud.

  8. elwin

    Nice use of color to explain the recombining timelines.

  9. Aardwolf

    11 o’clock, 2 o’clock; “sounds like it’s time for us—”

    Anticipating a punny conclusion to that sentence in next week’s page :D

  10. smuch

    Didn’t the red Win get his brain blown out on December 12th strip ?
    I thinkit might be the green Win who reached out his hand and stepped into the red timeline as the boundaries are starting to collapse. (Possibly there’s a little more at play here, the last we saw of him in the green timeline was ambiguous)
    So one from each color survived. (… I’m sure there must be a delightfull pun to make about this but I just can’t think of it.)

  11. John Ashmead

    Quite right about Red Win getting blasted on 12/12. But Green Win looked pretty transcended on 1/17. Perhaps that sort of distant gaze is just a prelude to the decoherence. And there is the point that Win here is surround by Green in two of the three shots he is in.

  12. Lurker

    Hmm, let’s see. So Red Win got blasted in the head a few pages ago, then Red Nan got her eyes pierced with the mask, leaving Red Jackey at the mercy of the maniacs. Green Nan exploded after showing her necklace to the silhoutted figure, and the fate of Green Jackey and Green Win is unclear so far. Blue Jackey got eaten by giant hogs, and there was an explosion that killed the hogs, knocking Blue Nan to the floor.

    That leaves either Green Win or Blue Win as the survivor here, and it’s unclear which one it is so far. It’s possible that the silhoutted figure may have been the demise of all three in the green stream, leaving Red Jackey and Blue Win / Blue Nan as the 3 survivors here.

    Another alternative is Green Win, which would be more symmetrical (one survivor from each stream). Green Win’s zoning out on “This is it” could be an indication of Walter’s equations pulling him out of the green stream into the merging red stream, perhaps.

    In any case, this has got to be the most ingenious depiction of parallel time streams interacting in complex ways that I’ve ever seen yet. Very impressed!

  13. lovecraf

    Wow. Thanks for that.

  14. Shoggoth Lord

    Called it! And really, it’s everything I was hoping for. ^///^