Weekly Shtuff 1-10-2014

Ok, we’re back. And this next week, the first of a four part blog about Spring Heeled Jack in the dime novels. It’s amazing how much confusion there is out there on the web about SHJ’s dime novel advetnures that I’ve decided to settle it once and for all by actually READING the stories, or as many as I was able to get ahold of. If you Google his name, you’ll mainly get sites dealing with the urban legend, most of which are just cut and paste jobs with a few new speculations tossed in. I personally don’t care if he was an alien or a demon or a nutball Royal. But there’s nothing worse than reading cut-and-paste info that is WRONG, and particularly about something I’m interested in. I’ll beat that drum more next week.

Below are two covers from a bizarre Spanish serial novel from the early 1910s called El Hijo del Contrabandista o el Abismo de Dos Razas. It doesn’t translate well, but comes out to something like The Smugglers Son, or the Abyss of (between?) Two Races. There are reportedly some fantasy elements in the series. I hope to do some posts this year on all the really cool fantasy/horror/weird stuff that was appearing in Europe during Lovecraft’s day. I can’t help but think he would like these covers.

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  1. captkiddeo

    Yay, Spring-heeled Jack! I read a fairly recent reimagining of the character in semi graphic novel format by Philip Pullman and David Mostyn. Jack was basically a Batman type hero, which didn’t fit with what I had read about the character (probably in those cut-and-paste articles) so I downloaded a much earlier version to my e reader. Still struggling to get into that. Anyway, please keep posting these blog entries on the weird and wonderful fiction and film of the past. I don’t always comment, but I always enjoy them.

  2. JustJohn67

    An ambitious and interesting quest; I’m looking forward to your conclusions. Also, awesome book covers!

  3. lovecraf

    This next series of blogs should answer some of your questions. And there’s no doubt that getting through any ONE of the Spring Heeled Jack stories requires major effort. And you are exactly right about those articles. I always thought of Jack as a villain, but he’s not, and the comparison to Batman is apt.

  4. Lee

    Good looking covers – I’d think their style looks as if they foreshadowed the Surrealists? First one is kinda Daliesque…