January 10th, 2014



  1. Gaze of Providence

    Hogs? Well, it’s official, I have no idea what’s going on anymore.

  2. captkiddeo

    Where’s Carnacki when you need him? Oh, yeah, he didn’t do too well in the hog story…

  3. Lee

    I’m fairly sure that Larry’s not going down that path but I couldn’t help but think of the swine things from The House on the Borderland when I read this week’s page!

  4. John Ashmead

    I’m suspecting the Hog has come from the vicinity of William Hope Hodgson’s House on the Borderland, in which case our intrepid threesome is getting dangerously close to an inter-dimensional portal. But we knew that!

  5. lovecraf

    Hodgson had a thing about pigs. They appear in House on the Borderland, the Night Land, and, most relevant here, the Carnacki story, “The Hog.” Favories all.

  6. lovecraf

    Not going that way, but tipping the hat nonetheless…

  7. lovecraf

    Yeah, be had a suit. Like Walter’s.

  8. lovecraf

    Stay with me Gaze. I did bite off a bit more than I could chew with this parallel narratives sequence, but things will come back together in a few weeks. I still think it’s a good idea, but needed a lot more planning than I thought to keep everything clear. But no changing horses in mid-stream.

  9. Shoggoth Lord

    I’m starting to think that two of Our intrepid Protagonists will die in each parallel, so that the survivor from each will join the others when the three timelines reconverge….

  10. Michael Bates

    I have a feeling the hogs are coming from the vicinity of Tough Luck, Oklahoma. And that one of them is named Milo.

  11. Loxmyth

    Yep, no ret-con, no backsies, you painted yourself in and I trust you can paint yourself out.

    I presume we’ve just been informed that the red timestream is NOT going to be the one we actually end up in, unless it’s going to be a matter of each timestream losing characters but the reconvergence gathering the ones who made it through each stream.

    (Which would be an interestingly nasty twist, especially if the characters have a vague memory of *not* surviving — “three chances for each of us but not the same chances” — but that isn’t where I guessed you were going with this split.)

  12. Freddie Freelance

    “Hogs” is all well & fine, but wouldn’t “Nnrrrriiiiyaarrrgh” have been a more fitting title?

  13. lovecraf

    Just for the record, the color “space” on computer monitors is called RGB for….Red-Green-Blue. It takes all three channels to produce a full color range.

  14. Doctor X

    “Beware of any man who keeps pigs!”

    Anyway, methinks what we see is three different reactions to the problem with varying success. Obviously, Nan is not found of “da Wed Won!!”

  15. njcommuter

    I wonder what St. Germaine thinks now of “That meddlesome priest”? For that matter, I wonder who is actually loosing the horrors. There are so many people trying to hijack this bus that if it split into four color-time streams there wouldn’t be enouth.

  16. Sendaz

    I have this weird image of a POV shot from some creature with tentacles on it’s face going “It’s BACON!”

  17. IanMac

    Is it possible that Spring Heel Jack came across the pond to the colonies and ended up with a new name, ie; the Jersey Devil? They do seem to be at the least related.

  18. Gambrinus Glubbe

    Re Jersey Duyvil: Looks more like a night gaunt to me. Also reminiscent of the 1855 Devil’s Footprints in Devonshire