Weekly shtuff 12-20-2013

This is the last page for 2013, as I am going to go dark for two weeks and try and catch up on lots of stuff, including getting ahead on pages again. And I have to polish up those articles and reviews that I have in various stages of completion. I’ll be back the second week of January, and we’ll be heading into the climax of Book 5. It’ll still be 30 more pages or so, but the action is all starting to come together.


Happy Holidays to all.


  1. John Ashmead

    Is book five the last book of the series or is there a book six? Inquiring forces would like to know! :)

  2. lovecraf

    It has always been planned as a six book series. Way back when, I thought that would be six thirty page issues. Book 5 is already more than twice that long. All told, I’m figuring it will come in at around 300 pages. But Book 6 will be the end, no matter what.