Weekly Shtuff 12-6-2013

And da winnah is….Moe Lane, for his story, “The Thirsty Tree.” Moe, email your address to me and I’ll send you your brand spanking new copy of S. T. Joshi’s first novel, Assaults of Chaos. And, if you want to finish the story and submit it, I might just run it here on the site.

It’s finals week at school, and all the graduating seniors are also crunching to get their portfolio books and reels ready, which means lots of one on one time. It’s really one of my favorite parts of the year, but time consuming and draining.

Next week we’ll have a guest blog by an eminent Medieval scholar about a subject so arcane and esoteric that I’m not sure I even understand it. If that isn’t evidence of brilliance, then call me a shoggoth. Plus, you do realize that all the great Medieval alchemists, sorcerers and wizards wrote their secrets in abstruse texts in order to hide the truth from the various punitive bodies like the Inquisition. Get your Little Orphan Annie decoder rings out and see if you can be the first to suss out the deeper secrets contained in this excellent and provocative essay.


Have a good weekend.



  1. Wereg

    I’m still really confused about how to read this.

  2. lovecraf

    Sorry about that. There are three separate story threads running vertically. If you back up and read just the red column, you’ll follow one adventure, the green is another, the blue yet another. They are all variations on the same chase, three different possibilites of what could happen.

  3. Dumb post

    Mr. Lane richly deserves it.