Weekly Shtuff 11-29-2013

Thanksgiving Day has come and gone here in the U.S. I almost didn’t put a page up today, but then remembered that at least some people in the world don’t celebrate all the American holidays. Go figure.

Ihaven’t forgotten the story contest, and I’ll announce the winner next week. Since all the votes are in the comments, I’m sure you can figure it out for yourself.

Last week was an odd…possibly disturbing…week. Although it wasn’t a holiday (at least not here) readership was down by over 50%. I have good days and bad days, and Fridays swing a little bit but within a pretty constant range. I don’t know if I missed some world shattering event, or whether some readers aren’t enjoying the little excursion into black and white and splotchy color. It’s not forever, as I’ve said. This is a planned sequence, to lead into the rest of the story.

I understand that doesn’t mean it’s to everybody’s taste. But I think in a few more weeks, when things have shaken out a bit, everyone will ultimately be satisfied. If not, oh well. Too late now.

I have some neat blog posts scheduled for after the first of the year. Like the comic, it’s better if I get a little ahead on them. Just know we’ll be hanging out with, among others, Semi Dual, Andrew Latter,Simon Iff and at least three different versions of Spring-Heeled Jack

Hvae a good weekend.



  1. bbbarry

    Hey Larry, I don’t know why your numbers might be down, but for my part the little excursion into black and white and splotchy color is both artful & exciting; it truly adds tension & enhances my enjoyment of the story.


  2. lovecraf

    Thanks, Barry. that was the idea and I think most readers get that. I’m just whining. As I’ve said before, the numbers ultimately don’t matter, because this isn’t a money making venture. It’s something I want to do and to see through to the end. Still, it’s nice the more people enjoy it.

  3. Skaro

    It wasn’t world-shattering, but there was one world-record setting event last weekend that may have distracted a lot of LiM’s demographic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Day_of_the_Doctor

  4. aardvarkoffnord

    Personally, I am finding this bit hard going, but considering how awesome the story is, I am sticking with it. I do have some friends who have temporarily given up, and are waiting for the “regular” story to pick up again.

  5. Martin.

    Thanks for considering non-Americans.

    What was Lovecraft’s view of Thanksgiving anyway?

  6. Dumb post

    Simon Iff? Why, Larry!
    Just finished the” Wine-Ghosts of Bremen”, by Wilhelm Hauff; you may want to take a look at him.

  7. lovecraf

    I’d love to know more. Just because I say I am doing this “my way” doesn’t mean I think everything I do is the best for the story. What I am really freeing myself of are the people I used to work for, where someone could insist I add a sidekick or a love interest between Nan and Win. It isn’t my goal to confuse people, but I will say this last year has been quite a chaotic one, and I’ve often struggled to maintain clarity. Share your thoughts, and help me learn!

  8. missallen

    Dear Larry,

    I love the sketchy, skittery feel of your last few postings — they work really well with the multiple viewpoints/scenes/characters, AND the panic/flight that is ensuing in all of them, but hey, it’s Lovecraft, so there’s always panic of one sort or another, right?!

    It’s YOUR strip. YOUR story. YOUR view. We’re just here for the big fun ride that this is turning out to be!!

    And yes, we were all watching DW last week and then discussing it furiously so that we didn’t come over here as soon as we usually do. The shame of it… ; )

  9. docwho2100

    I like it, I am one of the 50% not there last week, but I do come :)

  10. Loxmyth

    I suspect this sequence would read more easily when complete and in hard copy or extended-scrolling form — when one could follow the three parallel stories both in parallel and individually. The other problem is, of course, that when three worlds are running each has to run at 1/3 of normal speed or skip a lot of intermediate detail; either way is going to frustrate some folks.

    I like the concept. I”m undecided about whether the experiment is working or not, but I applaud your willingness to attempt it.

    (An alternative might have been to follow each of the timelines in turn after they split… assuming two of them fail interestingly and “third time’s the charm”… with some sort of shimmering transition when one fails and we move to the next. But I’m guessing that there’s going to be something significant about the simultanaity, and I’m waiting for the reveal.)