March 15th, 2013



  1. njcommuter

    Heeg? Or worse?

    But if the world is going to end, of what use is a Heeg?

    Or is something else up?

  2. Anon! A mouse!

    I just found your work a few days ago, and I love your story! I only just started reading some of Lovecraft’s works in the past few months, but I recognize character names here and there. I’m so thrilled to have found you!

  3. JennyB

    Now that can’t be good.

  4. KZula

    Ewwwwww – COOL!

  5. Cybrludite

    “We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise.” -C.S. Lewis

  6. John Ashmead

    The pattern on Kreskin’s chest looks a bit like a Menger sponge: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menger_sponge; a pattern of fractal holes.

    I remember an old Analog story of a man who discovered that bits of himself were just falling off. Pretty scary.

  7. lovecraf

    It’s safe to assume that most people lie about their true motives.

  8. Lurker

    Yep, looks like Kreskin is the next host for another Kartophilus-like entity. That’s what you get for messing around with eldritch centuries-old unkillable abominations incarnated from the black gulfs beyond infinity.

  9. wright1

    Eeuugh. Looks like there are some physical sensations, short of dire pain, to accompany that. Welp, the New Order demands a few sacrifices.

    Have a good break; quality storytelling needs time to be done right. Looking forward to what comes next.

  10. Loxmyth

    Hm. Since this is a surprise to him, I expect it’s the result of http://lovecraftismissing.com/?p=7354

    Be careful what you ask to be part of.

  11. cthulhuearring

    So much for using immortality to get infinite amounts of hookers — it doesn’t work like that anymore. And the new reproductive organs are probably as boring as a sponge’s. DOH!

  12. Maycroft

    welcome to the new stage of being!