Weekly Shtuff 11-9-2012

After some years of intense research, I’m fairly certain that the Zombie Apocalypse is actually brought about by the 24 hour news cycle. Stretching 15 minutes of real news to fill an entire day wreaks havoc on both the public and the poor bastards that have to do the stretching. Of course, local filler eats up some of that time, with stories on how various breeds of dogs react to intruders and updates on  the use of fried pies as a body cleansing agent, but the overall effect is to pulp the brain into a grey fluid that leaks out of every orifice it can reach, turning people into mind-numbed, shuffling seekers of body-snacks. Fortunately, the election is now over and there is some possibility of some of us escaping the trap.

That other mind-numbing medium, video games, has forced me to self-intervene and swear off for awhile, They are very addictivem even when I don’t care for the one I’m playing. I just finished Half Life 2, which did not live up to its reputation. It was ok, but it was soooooo looooonnnnnng. That and the fact that one of the major recurring threats in the game,  head crabs, look like basted turkeys with a mouth in their breasts. It’s so silly, and it had to be silly in 2001, when the game was made. It took a lot of the tension out of the fights when the zombies were roaming around with turkeys on their heads. Just saying.

If I’m counting right, this is pg. 171 of LIM. Wow.Who’d’a thunk it? That’s roughly 8 regular, 22-page comics. In four years. Sigh.

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Have a good weekend.



  1. Schmunzel

    but where is the update ????? *cries*

  2. Schmunzel

    ah never mind I found it

  3. missallen

    Dear Larry,
    Enjoy the post-election quietude and save your strength for the *true* American horror of “The Holiday Season”.
    Kind regards, missallen

  4. Dumb post

    Why bother with old media, for news, especially? Its inherently less, well, new.
    perhaps the head-crabs are a hommage to

  5. Gillsing

    What I didn’t like about HL2 was that it felt like a gauntlet, with everyone waiting for me to show up at a predetermined location. At the crane I managed to stack containers on top of each other so that I would’ve been able to leap over the chain link fence… if there hadn’t been an invisible wall there to prevent me from taking that shortcut and surprise the Combine by sneaking up on them from behind. Tactically speaking it didn’t matter, but things like that make games pretty boring for me.

  6. Kestrel

    Wait… It’s been four years? That… that doesn’t seem possible.