Weekly Shtuff 11-2-2012

Ah, what a sad shadow of my former self I have become. I am so lost in the fog of life that I came to write this week’s post and found I had scheduled the page a day early. Didn’t intend to, but I suppose it’s better than being late.

Not a lot of stuff to comment on this week. Next weekend, however, will be the OAF-con, and I am sooooo looking forward to that. The Oklahoma Alliance of Fandom was a comic club we formed back in the mid-1960s. there were thirteen or fourteen of us at first and we put out our little mimeographed monthly newsletter. Remember, at that time, comics were still a fringe thing. Anyway, the club grew to a national level, and we still get together now, over 40 years later. We’ve lost  a few over the years, but it is still great to sit with collectors and fans you’ve grown up and old with. Plus, there are always new recruits. This year there is a table for local comic artists, and I’ll have a spot there, boosting LIM and in general just having a great time.


Have a good weekend.