Weekly Shtuff 10-26-2012

Can’t believe I forgot to write a Weekly Shtuff in advance this week.

The new season of The Walking Dead is the best yet, the first two episodes being far better than the entirety of Season 2. I like that it uses the comic as a starting point, but deviates enough to keep things interesting. I’m looking forward to Paranormal Activity 4 and the new Silent Hill movie. And as soon as I finish The Hidden Reality by Brian Greene, I have a nice thick Lovecraftian anthology to tackle.

A reader asked about links to Top Web Comics and the LIM Facebook page. They are actually over on the left side of the page, but I’ll also start putting them in the posts as well. We finally broke into the top 100 on TWC, but the month is almost over and the whole poll resets. I’d like to get us back up to the 50s, where we used to be. Also, 916 likes on Facebook. In some ways it’s silly, but it also feels really good. And remember, I occasionally post artwork there that doesn’t appear here.

Speaking of artwork, I’ve been muddling along on some new vote incentives, plus I’ve commissioned three new ones from another artist whome I think you’re gonna love. More news as it gets closer to time to launch them. I also need to put all the previous screen saver incentives up for download in the Extras page. soon, I promise.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Me.

    I’m reading The Hidden Reality as well! I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box so I have to read some sections more than once to understand Greene’s points.

  2. lovecraf

    More than once? Sounds like you’re a lot sharper than me. I’ve re-read passages a dozen times that I still can’t grasp, and retaining what I do understand to compare with his next point is all but impossible. Still, I love Greene’s work, if only to sit back and let my mind wander over the wonder of it all.