Francois Launet

I was just graduating high school when Francois Launet, aka Goomi, was born. Not that that has anything to do with my being an admirer of his work. Nor does it have anything to do with my insane jealousy at the wide range of his talent. But I’m going to be an adult about this and tell you that he is one of the best Lovecraftian artists I know of. He captures disturbing moods, even in his non-Lovecraftian paintings, with an ease that is in itself disturbing. But wait, there’s more! Painting is more of a sideline with him. His main work is as a 3D/Special Effects artist. The smattering of samples I’ve posted below are but a tiny sampling of the work you’ll find on his website and, of course, he also produces that truly rare bird, the humorous Loveraftian comic strip, The Unspeakable Vault of Doom.


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  1. missallen

    Why, he’s just a whippersnapper!

    It’s good to know that there’s someone else who has lived through that particular time of the last century (ahem!) — hello, my peerless peer!