What Needs to be Done
November 16th, 2012

What Needs to be Done


  1. dgc2

    oh SO well done sir! We have missed LIM so much and I know we are all thrilled you are back to your weekly updates which I look forward to so much.

    I’ve always liked Pickman and I am thoroughly enjoying how you are handling him. Now if we can just get back to our dear Father Jackey who is my all time fave :)

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  2. Maphysto

    Goddammit, Win, stop trying to be a hero and let him get rid of that thing.

  3. Martin

    At least Pickman managed to slice the skin off.

    Now doesn’t someone else in this story have a special mark on them?

  4. Rahka

    Noo don’t kick him! He is just doing what needs to be done, that’s all.

  5. Mary

    Tattoo removal was a messy affair in those days.

  6. captkiddeo

    Actually, the farm boot to the face was wonderfully unexpected and utterly inevitable. And nicely drawn, to boot! (Sorry about that…)

  7. Dumb post

    Tsk, not a lady after all. What an unfortunate loss of composure.

  8. njcommuter

    I think that was Win’s boot. We saw him fighting with Milo and it’s clear he knows how to use his feet and legs.

  9. machiavelli33

    Owwwwww again with the skin cutting arrrr-
    At least she’s passed out this time unlike when the puttychild tried to pull that key from Win’s urrghhhhh.

  10. Verne

    So see if I got this. Win and Nan had “evil tracing marks” on them, perhaps because they were meant for sacrifice. Then someone who cared about him removed the mark from Win at early age. Who is this benevolent person(or perhaps person with own agenda). hmm

  11. njcommuter

    But Win’s mark is more like the protective mark on Nan’s charm. Although they might be a yin/yang (or male/female) pair, in which case there is something karmic about the two of them being together.

    Wonder what Father Jackie knows?

  12. Maycroft

    He’s trying to help, Win!

  13. anon

    I think the mark may be the sign of Hastur also known as how Hastur keeps taps on people to him by his servants i remember it cropping up several times in H.P Lovecraft’s work but i remember it most vividly in “The Dreams in the Witch House” as how Hastur and his witch servant control and watch the student (I forget his name it’s been a few years since i last read “At the Mountains of Madness” collection of stories) however because of the types of magic described in use ( some of the rituals are close to Hastur’s) and the use of the mark it would be his sign. If Hastur is involved it also explains why some who are obviously involved with other gods want to stop him nobody likes Hastur even his “allies” actively thwart him more so than any other god.

  14. Lee

    Just discovered young Larry’s work. Like it! Larry, would I be right in thinking you’re English?

    Good stuff, some nice cross references salted across it all, I’m waiting for the Whistling Room to show up somewhere.

  15. lovecraf

    Sorry to disappoint, Lee, but I’m from the American Mid-west. I WISH I was English, and my family names trace back there, but my destiny had other ideas in mind. But welcome aboard. (And the Whistling Room was one of the most powerful horror stories of my youth. These days it falls into third place after The Gateway of the Monster and The Hog…but third in THAT company is still light years ahead of most.)