No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
November 9th, 2012

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


  1. njcommuter

    Wow, those are some knots.

    And we have betrayals, re-betrayals, de-betrayals, be-betrayals, and more. Wow.

    Which also applies to the art and color work.

  2. Rahka

    Delusional cock-eyed sow-whore. Magnificent. This was what I really needed for this Friday!

  3. tom

    wow! cockeyed sow-whore! Snap!

  4. Pedro Ribeiro

    Wow. Pickman kicks ass. He always was one of my favorite Lovecraftian characters, and your depicition of him absolutely rocks. Great work!

  5. Schmunzel

    actually I think it might be a setup. A re-de-Betrayel if you so like. Pickmann gets justification by Antagonizing the Antagonist. That however wont make him a good guy, nor will it necessarily mean that he is truthfully working against her Mother. Thats just what you (he) make(s) us believe. At the very least he wants to claim the prize for himself.
    The coloring as usual is stunning plus I like the green dudes teeth :)
    (provided the stay away from me)

  6. Martin

    I just hope those knots don’t get too powerful. Logically our heros should arm themselves with a big pile of them and throw them at anything else that moves. While fun initially, that gets boring fast. Hopefully there is a reason why they can’t or bad cosequences if they do.

  7. Kestrel

    When Win punched that guy, I totally envisioned a big “Socko!” in the background with zig-zag lines. :)

  8. Dumb post

    What an unfortunate way to adress a lady, or even the infanticidal astral manifestation of one.

  9. lovecraf

    I’m pretty sure only Pickman knows how to tue them, and they take a long, long time to tie.

  10. njcommuter

    Did I say that I love the language you give to ‘win Battler? I do.

    Let’s not forget Mr. Blue Hand.

  11. Anton

    Sow-whore? Soho?