Six Days

Yep, only six more days until Lovecraft is Missing…..uh…returns? Comes back? Well, the strip returns, but Lovecraft is still…well, you know what I mean. Anyway, I’m ready to get back on a regular schedule. I’m stillĀ  plugging along on the color, though I stopped to rewrite a section of the story. Little thing, but made it better for me.

But I don’t want to wait until next week to mention the William Hope Hodgson blog recently started by author, scholar and pal, Sam Gafford. Sam knows more about all things Hodgson than anyone else in the known universe. His careful study of Hodgson’s style led to the radical but now widely accepted notion that Hodgson actually wrote his four novels in the reverse order of when they were published. And if you haven’t read Hodgson’s four novels, then whatt are you waiting for. Get started…right after you bookmark Sam’s blog. (And find his treatise on Hodgson; it’s a great read all by itself.)

See you in a few.


  1. Maltheos

    Yay only a few more days until Lovecraft is Missing is no longer missing.

  2. njcommuter

    I’m sure that I’m one of many waiting in great anticipation. And thank you.

  3. Sam Gafford

    While I do deeply appreciate the plug, I have to say that there are actually people who know MORE about Hodgson than even I do! Amazing but true! Douglas Anderson, for one, has an encyclopedic knowledge not only of Hodgson but of a multiple of other obscure writers of the weird, exotic and bizarre! He contributes regularly to the blog “Wormwoodiana” at which everyone should visit regularly!

  4. Karsten


    I am just fresh to and catching up on Lovecraft is Missing. Great work! Thanks many times.

    I was wondering why it stopped so suddenly some time ago and before cheering on the good news of today started reading your more personal blog entries to find my fears confirmed that something very sad is going on. Or hopefully was going on. Your newest entry sounds a lot more energetic and a lot less depressing.

    I just wanted to express my thanks for the great work on the comic, my condolences for the hard time earlier this year, my hopes for a brighter time to come and my burning expectations for Lovecraft to continue to be missing.

    Best regards
    - Karsten -

    Oh, and all the best for your newly discovered second life of video games. Have fun! I’m a PC guy, so I don’t have any recommendations for the XBox. Maybe the Fallout series suits your taste and is worth having a look

  5. Dumb post

    Thank you for the link; allow one to present
    , in return.

  6. Jakob

    Yay! New pages!