August 20th, 2012



  1. njcommuter

    I believe that this is what J. M. Stracynczki and T.V.Tropes call a “Wham! Episode.”


    “Neither does the agent suffer/Nor the patient act. But both are fixed In an eternal action, an eternal patience/To which all must consent that it may be willed/And which all must suffer that they may will it,/That the pattern may subsist, that the wheel may turn and still/Be forever still.” —T.S.Eliot, Murder in the Cathedral

  2. Rahka

    What a comeback! Welcome back, we have missed you.

  3. BobDog as Death Incarnate

    Mr Latham,
    Thank you and welcome back, like ol’ HP, you have been missed…

  4. captkiddeo

    Let me see if I’ve got this straight. “K” in 1926 assaults the mind of Erich Zann in 1908 just after he’s used his music to show Father Jackey a vision of the far future. So this is how Mr. Zann winds up institutionalized? Are you sure the same won’t happen to us readers trying to sort this out? My head is starting to hurt…moooorre Lovecraft is Missing…mmmooooooorrre….

  5. JennyB

    That is a comeback in style, with a veritable fireworks show! Also, my head is spinning from rereading the entire archive this afternoon.
    Welcome back!

  6. ShoggothLord

    Heeee’s baaa-aaaack!
    And it is awesome!!

  7. Dumb post

    “Humankind cannot bear very much reality”

  8. wright1

    Welcome back! It’s already worth the wait.

  9. njcommuter

    Well, recall that Fr. Jacky did remember the future/past when he told the Inspector that Orwin would return in time. Time, it seems, has already been compromised … but not without warning. “That the wheel may turn and still/Be forever still.”

  10. data4doc

    Oh wow. So glad you’re back. What a reentry! I so did not see this coming!