August 20th!!!!

New pages will start going up Monday, August 20, 2012. That’s the Old Gentleman’s 122nd birthday. Since it’s a Monday, there will also be a Friday post that will get us back into our regular schedule.

Thanks for all your patience with me. My mom passed away June 16, after a long and complicated decline. It was just impossible to keep the comic going, do my work, go to school and be with her. The comic was the low priority,but I’m behind in everything else as well. But life goes on, and we put one foot in front of the other and fall back in step with it.

We have a lot of ground to cover to finish out Book 5, another40-50 pages at least. Between now and the start date you might want to go back and re-read at least this issue, to bring you back into the flow of things.

See you Agust 20.


  1. Freddie Freelance

    So sorry to hear about your mother.

  2. Rahka

    Glad to know you are feeling better. We understand perfectly and wish you all the best.

  3. Khrys

    My condolences to you and your family for your loss. I’m glad you took the time to be with her, so many don’t then regret it later. The comic can wait until you want to come back, it’s got a dedicated fanbase and I know I for one would be willing to wait a year or more for a good story. :)

  4. njcommuter

    My condolences about your mom. Thanks for staying with this awesome and (I’m sure) all-consuming project. We really appreciate it out here. And thanks so much for the update.

  5. TheDukeOfHighwayJ

    Im very sorry about your mother; I indeed know how hard that can be. But Im pleased as heck knowing thay *YOU* are OK (or will soon be; I know that there’s recuperation, and beleive me… things WILL get back to normal, although at the same time, they’ll never be the same).

  6. Matthew

    I’m very sorry to hear about your mother.

  7. Nathan Jameson

    We never went anywhere. :-) Looking forward to your return.

  8. Jakob

    My condolences and best wishes.

  9. Martin

    Sorry for your loss. You had your priorities straight. Looking forward to August 20th.

  10. Ben

    Condolences to you and your family.

    Your work is well worth the wait, take your time.

  11. Dumb post

    Vita brevis, ars longa, occasio praeceps, experimentum periculosum, iudicium difficile.

  12. Boris

    I look forward to seeing this show get back on the road. And it being a labour of love, the delay is well understood! My condolences, Larry.

  13. idjster

    I’m so sorry to year about your Mother. My condolences.

  14. Aklo

    I’m very happy to hear you’re recovering, and am so sorry about your mother. Take care and good luck.

  15. Keith

    My condolences on your mother passing away. Our thoughts have been with you.

    The hiatus gives me an excellent opportunity to read again from the very beginning.

  16. Tully monster

    Larry, I’m so terribly sorry to hear about your mother’s passing. I know this is hard. Definitely looking forward to August 20, but hoping that getting more panels up is a way of restoring a little normalcy to your life, rather than a burden. Take your time; we’re a very patient and understanding bunch and know that good art and good story cannot be rushed, and that art sometimes gives way to grief.

  17. Doctor X

    Deepest sympathy for your loss.


  18. mc_vibraphone

    Condolences and warm thoughts to you, storyteller.

  19. Verne

    My condolences. And thanks for returning to this project with all other things going on, this comic has such a quality in both art and storytelling and is always a joy to read.