The Records
January 20th, 2012

The Records


  1. Rahka

    Now that is, Indeed, some poor translation work. Shubby is most displeased.

  2. Cain

    Is that some kind of collective consciousness he’s floating in?

  3. lovecraf

    It’s my version of the Akashic Records

  4. Martin

    @Rahka – no, this was Shubby in her earlier years.

  5. Vasquez

    just remember today new release! sooo … Shubshub will be coming up? nice … Great work ! can’t wait for more!

  6. njcommuter

    Amazing artwork! I don’t see how print can do this justice.

  7. Dumb post

    The Records are very much the Theosophists combination of the hindu version of the Recording Angel of St. John
    & the Aleph
    “Burton mentions other similar devices — the sevenfold cup of Kai Kosru; the mirror that Tariq ibn-Ziyad found in a tower (Thousand and One Nights, 272); the mirror that Lucian of Samosata examined on the moon (True History, I, 26); the mirrorlike spear that the first book of Capella’s Satyricon attributes; Merlin’s universal mirror, which was “round and hollow… and seem’d a world of glas” (The Faerie Queene, III, 2, 19) — ”

    Its a lovely idea: but its true Lovecraftian incarnation is the terrible Library of The Great Race of Yith.

  8. lovecraf

    My bad! It is the terrible library of the Great Race of Yith henceforth.

  9. tomtom

    you gotta say the words good or you wind up like Ash, raising the dead. Buckle up, Boney!

  10. Shoggoth Lord

    In the second panel, I can’t help but think of the Vaprous Brains of the Spiral Nebula.

  11. njcommuter

    Talk about getting into someone’s headspace …