Carpe Diem

I’ll say this about The Anubis Gates: Tim Powers gives you a lot of bang for your buck! I finally finished it on the plane coming home last night, disappointed only in that there wasn’t more of Horrabin the clown in the story.

Reflecting back on World Horror Con, I’d have to say it wasn’t worth the money. You can’t put a price on meeting people, of course, especially like-minded ones. But the final tab for the weekend was pretty steep when you count flying, hotel (+ the almost $20 a night city tax) + high cost of meals and the $150 ticket. Notice I didn’t include buying new books, and who is going to go to a con and not buy new books. But I think going to ComicCon would cost just a skosh more, and there are tens of thousands of people.

Have a good week.


  1. richard

    The Anubis Gates is one of my all time favourite books. I haven’t been at leisure to read more Powers recently, I understand he’s been busy, but there’s something about that one book (or maybe a few hundred things) that amazes me all over again every time I open it.

  2. Gunds Elf

    My three favorite Tim Powers’ books are “The drawing of the dark”, “The anubis gates” and “The stress of her regard” in order of preference. But i’ve read almost everything he has published, every book of his a treat.

  3. Belchfire

    “On Stranger Tides” is also excellent. One thing I love about both novels is the idea that the events described could have actually happened. Anybody who might have written or talked about what they saw would have considered a drunk or a crazed fool. I can’t recall
    ever getting impression from anyone else.

  4. Paul Riddell

    I’m sorry to hear this about World Horror, but I’m also not surprised. When I first heard that Austin got the bid two years ago, I was looking forward to being a vendor, and then I realized that it was running on the same weekend as Texas Frightmare Weekend here in Dallas. Seeing as how Frightmare was one of my biggest shows, I made the mistake of publicly mentioning that given a choice between the two, I’d have to choose Frightmare. I promptly got a very butthurt response from one of the organizers about how it wasn’t their fault that they scheduled their event opposite one of the biggest horror conventions in the country. (My day job boss is a music festival junkie, and he honestly couldn’t believe that response. Any music festival that tried that response would be laughed to death, and new music festivals check schedules for years to make sure that this doesn’t happen.)

    Anyway, that response settled mine, and I stuck with Frightmare. Considering that I would have spent even more than you (truck rental to bring plants to Austin, the booth fee, hotel space, food, gas, and a gallon of Thorazine to keep from slicing my wrists after a weekend of people telling me “I don’t have any money, because I spent it all to get here to pitch my books”), I don’t regret the decision.

  5. lovecraf

    Glad it worked out for you. I haven’t been to cons in a long time, and I’ve never heard of Frightmare. Wish I had, but maybe next year.