Unwritten Music
February 25th, 2011

Unwritten Music


  1. Mani

    This comic really is one of my favorite things to happen to the internet. Really. Every turn is interesting.

    Also we get to see Munoz enjoying the baths he was whinging about earlier!

  2. Velociraptorblade

    Damn DRM……

  3. Ali S.

    That last panel is so reminiscent of that famous scene from Apocalypse Now where Martin Sheen slowly comes out of the water.

  4. Grumpy Old Medivalist

    Ah-think i begin to understand why the Dr. has degenerated.

  5. Sartorius

    who is talking to Dr Muñoz in the last two panels?

  6. lovecraf

    You’ll find out next week, but you can also look back a few pages to the point just after Jackey shot the machine if you can’t wait.

  7. Velociraptorblade

    Anyone else notice the change of dialogue in panel 5?

  8. lovecraf

    The change had actually been made a week or so ago, but I failed to upload the new version until I saw it this morning. There’s no big plot meaning behind it; I just thought “Now THAT’S funny” didn’t sound enough like Kreskin. As I say, I noodle on these pages right up to the last minute.

  9. Scott Story

    I just read all your comics, and I’m not only impressed, I’m entertained. Your meta-fictional approach, weaving real and fictional people together into a narrative, helps give this comic its really unnerving vibe.

    Like most everyone here, I’ve read all of Lovecraft’s stories and poetry multiple times, and this seems to fit nicely among them.

    Any chance of some of the other historical figures that knew Lovecraft making appearances? Robert E. Howard? Robert Bloch? L. Sprague De Camp?

  10. lovecraf

    Thanks for the good words, Scott, they’re appreciated. Those other folks you mentioned won’t appear because this story has a very definite time period. It is set in the autumn of 1926, when The Call of Cthulhu was rejected by Weird Tales. HPL didn’t know any of those folks at that time, so they can’t appear in the story. In fact, with one exception, no story that wasn’t written by that time in 1926 is referenced in the story. So go ahead, call me a geek.

  11. Zombie Gurl TJ

    You are an awesome geek, Larry. You are an Elder God among geeks. Just. Don’t. Stop.


  12. Scott Story

    Well, you’re a geek in a good way! By the way, Lovecraft fans will like this: