Weekly Shtuff 1-28-11

Wow, I even forgot my Weekly Shtuff page. I’ve had a weird pain in my right hip all week and can’t sit for more than a few minutes, and even standing and laying down are painful. I haven’t even finished next week’s comic page or Wednesday blog post, though both will get done. It’s the NEXT week I;m concerned about if the doctor (whom I can’t see until Tuesday) doesn’t have some answers.

If you missed this link to children’s drawings of Lovecraft creatures sent in by reader shonokin, check it out. Cthulhu obviously thinks young minds are terrible things to waste,

And here is a very cool short CG film by Yann Couderc, Xavier Henry and Bruno called akryls, Lovecraftian whether intentionally or not (ceritifed by the Board of Lovecraftian Evaluative Bio-Mechanics):

As I mentioned last week, Sam Gafford is putting together a Lovecraft anthology comic that sounds very exciting, and he’s looking for writers and artists. Sam can be reached at lordshazam@yahoo.com if anyone is interested.

And finally, remember, it is always a good idea to vote for LIM at Top WebComics once a day, just to keep the Night Gaunts at bay.

Have a good weekend.

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  1. Grumpy Old Medivalist

    Sounds as if you have muscle problems? Hope things turn out for the best.