Weekly Shtuff 10-29-2010

Picture 2 Weekly Shtuff 10 29 2010

Happy Halloween everybody!

To celebrate, this week’s vote incentive at Top Web Comics, which you can get by clicking on the above link, is a true rarity: a photo postcard from my collection of a man in a weird Halloween costume in 1909! How’s that for unusual?

And I want to announce a new CONTEST: everyone who emails me the names of three NON-Lovecraft stories referenced in these first 110 pages will be entered in a good old fashioned drawing for a free book, which happens to be a brand-spanking new copy of the Ash-Tree Press FArSide Weekly Shtuff 10 29 2010edition of Steve Rasnic Tem’s The Far Side of the Lake, courtesy of Chris Roden, co-owner, -publisher and -editor of Ash Tree. If you aren’t familiar with this premier small press, their books are high quality, limited to 500 copies, with illustrated dustjacket. They retail for $40-$45. They mostly consist of collections of classic weird stories, but Tem is one of the modern masters that warrants his own collection.

I’ll accept entries until Nov. 12, then have the drawing. Oh, and postage is paid!

Another nice mention of LIM, this time on Histories of Things to Come, an eclectic website that is a treat to dig around in (on?).

I wanted to find that news story from last year about how religious cranks were claiming witches prayed over Halloween candy to win children’s souls for the devil, but you’ll just have to take my word for it for right now.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Ali S.

    Happy Halloween ol’bean!

  2. QAlchemist

    I found it for you! The original was deleted, but it was saved here:


  3. Jens

    The incentive photo gives me a strong association to Baron Samedi of Ha├»tian Vodoo…

  4. Grumpy Old Medivalist

    Would like to participate, but have just run out of liberary space.
    Would assume direct references made by characters in-story would not count? Nice to make such things clear.

    &, HORRID HALLOWEEN! (It has been adopted as a festival in my country too, now, it seems)-heres a link about the cannibal Anyoto

  5. Kestrel

    I can’t put my finger on it, but I really like that cover illustration. They chose well, it definitely makes me want to read it to find out what the heck’s going on.