August 27th, 2010



  1. verne

    Cosmic Horror Acne!
    I really like the colours in panel 8. And what shall be removed? spine, hart, liver?

  2. Maphysto

    Things do not look good for Mr. Malone.

  3. grymhild

    eww! parasitic worm things are one of my worst nightmares!

  4. Dystop

    Verne: I’m guessing the birtmark.

  5. Violet Black

    MILO! :o

  6. Cybrludite

    Verne, I suspect it’s the “Is him.” scar on Orwin’s shoulder that’s about to be removed.

  7. Edgewalker

    Oh man, Larry, you’ve done it this time. I love this twist in the story and am waiting with bated breath for the next panel!

  8. Ghanima Atreides

    Hm, the scar again…could it be something that’s keeping the ritual from completing, rather than the other way around (as I’d previously assumed). The plot thickens! Also, ew…poor Malone.

  9. André Elias

    Holy crap! New reader here. :-) I spent the whole day reading this story! It’s great and I hope to see it in print someday. And now I’ve reached the end I want to know what’s next, even more than before, haha.

  10. lovecraf

    No doubt, but this was inspired by y disgust at skin tags. Yeeks. Creeps me out just to mention them.

  11. Hedgie

    I have only discovered this today and have thus blazed through it and am now all caught up. Excellent work. Intriguing and horrific and mesmerising. I eagerly await more :D

  12. Sean

    Holy crow! I just found this comic last night and I’m already out of archive? Just have to wait for the updates now with bated breath, I suppose.

  13. Daarck

    Hey – I’ve just discovered this comic today (thanks IO9) and read it in it’s entirety in one sitting – absolutely superb. The only problem is, now I’m all caught-up, one page at a time from now on will be torture.

    Great work, the art really suits the mood and I love the references throughout your work – this is genius. I really hope you keep this going as long as you can.

  14. lovecraf

    Wow, it’s amazing how fast a hundred pages can go by! Welcome aboard.

  15. lovecraf

    Seriously, you folks need to learn to chew your food!:-D

  16. verne

    Ah yes of course the birthmark!

  17. Lurking Fear

    it’s a scar from barbed wire (just mentioned about 10 pages back)

  18. verne

    @Lurking fear: So thinks Orwin, I am not so sure.

  19. Meander

    Thanks, io9 – this has been a awesome read so far, and like the others, I will be on pins and needles waiting for each installment.

    I’ve noticed that you are dealing with early Lovecraft, and I have seen very little of Innsmouth, the Great Race, or the Deep Ones – saving for later, or do they not fit in with the Mythos?

    Great work.

  20. lovecraf

    I forget to repeat this for new readers, so my apologies, but the story takes place in the autumn of 1926, when “The Call of Cthulhu” was rejected (really) by Weird Tales. Part of my conceit is that no story written after that period impacts the story very much, if at all. (Stories published after that time but written before are fare game. But good eye for catching that.

  21. phil

    Just popping in to mention that I also got the link via io9 and also read the entire thing at one sitting. Just really excellent. Keep up the superb work!

  22. Napoleon IV

    What a glorious romp through the entire lovecraftian universe! I read through this much too quickly my first time. Have to re-read for things I missed! There’s just so much packed into this series.

  23. Nightgaunt

    Wow! One of the best of recent fiction with Lovecraft in the story and using the concept that much of what he wrote about was based upon “real” people and things. Riveting through out.