The Obscene Ritual Resumes….

I’m back, and boy did I need that vacation. I’ve never taken another like it; I mean I didn’t do ANYTHING all week long except lounge around on the beach. I read two books, a howlingly bad novel, Archangel by Michael Conyers, and, thirty years late, King’s The Shining, plus started Dan Simmons’ s Summer of Night. Had a few thoughts about this and that which I will share with you soon – lots of strange sculpture in Puerto Vallarta– but the only useful thing that came out of the trip beyond totally untethering from the real world is a sketch of the Dunwich Horror, which will be this week’s vote incentive. It will go up Friday as usual, with the new page.


  1. Unlightedpath

    Welcome back. Glad to hear you have recharged your batteries. Mental health days and small vactions are so important.

  2. Adam Dayton

    Good to see you back in the saddle Mr. Latham. I do hope my email made it pass your spam filters, should have at the very least and if it did, we do hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Grumpy Old Medivalist

    Followed your advice and finally read “Etidorhpa”
    (Good grief, Wikipedia compares him to Burroughs rather than Lindsay? You wacky Yanks)

  4. lovecraf

    One thing I can assure you of: I never ever recommended Etidorpha to anybody. It’s a dreadful book, pretentious, cornball, over the top — just what you’d expect from a self-published work. I found an old copy in a used bookstore many years ago and got it mostly because of the illustrations, but even those turned out to be pretty bland. I’ll have to read the Wiki article.

  5. Grumpy Old Medivalist

    Technically it was Mr. Lovecraft who recommended it-you just called for a general improvement of minds, Mr. Latham.

    Of course, Mr. Lovecraft seemed enthused by Etidorhpas teetotaller elements, & I read Marie Corelli
    (a fascinating example of Mary Sueism) voluntarily, so.

    II things Mr. Lloyd hads got going for him though: unlike most self-publishers, his book was an international success; & he was at least somewhat inventive, which is more than one, with all due respect for their genders, can say of Ms. Corelli-or, to make another & more pertinent example, Ms. Meyer.

  6. Grumpy Old Medivalist

    “….The thought current will be felt though by every reader and it pains me to appreciate the fact that to some the beauties of the work will serve but to deepen their hatred of conceptions holy and sublime…”
    -John Uri Lloyd

  7. lovecraf

    Addressing Mr. Lloyd in the Great Whatever-comes-after, I call BS on that. It’s typical delusional, defensive, martyr-like nonsense that assumes other people incapable of recognizing the truths so readily apparent to yourself. And you wade into the bull-pattie with both feet by thinking that it is the BEAUTY of your words that will deepen their hatred. Whew. That’s some beauty, that is. It couldn’t possibly be that clumsy attempts at poetry and deep thought and repetition of tired, vague ‘truths’ cause any of that deepening, now could it.

    But Grumpy, thanks for the quote. It’s another example of why I don’t recommend it to anyone. Wouldn’t want to deepen any hated pf conceptions holy and sublime.

  8. Grumpy Old Medivalist

    Yet again, Mr. Latham, our ethereal brains prove inadequate to “Johannes Llewellyn Llongollyn Drury”s mighty thought currents.
    He does, however, have some suggestions as to how one can observe ones own brain-matter, so might there not still be hope?

    Jesting aside, I can understand why someone himself involved in (if one has understood the status of this site correctly?) vanity “press” publications is honourably pained by the faltering efforts of lesser contributors, as was Mr. Lovecraft: though to me such standards seem impossibly high…
    …& hope that one is forgiven for ordering a paper version of Etidorhpa? (The number of lunatics stil referring it, alone, makes permanent access unavoidable, I fear).

  9. lovecraf

    That’s a good point. LIM is a sort of vanity press effort at that, though I don’t share the lofty ideals of setting human kind back onto the path to enlightenment. I’ll be happy just to have some readers while I finish the story out. And I do hope someone will call BS on me if I start slipping into moralizing and pedagogy.

  10. Will Hart

    Please check your Earthlink spam filter system.
    When I try to use it to send you email, no picture of text, or audio for the visually impaired is available; so there is no way to enter any matching text.
    Will Hart