Rough part of town
February 6th, 2009

Rough part of town


  1. alientango

    i love the detail in the last panel – brilliant!
    however, is the pierced and tattooed guy in the third panel slightly anachronistic? unless, of course, the era already had tribal people (or whatever) being part of the population… i wouldn’t know. just wondering aloud.

  2. lovecraf

    He’s meant to suffest a Maori, and they did have tatoos and earrings and so on. Also, Lovecraft was at some pains to insist that the sailors were of what he unfortunately called inferior races. I’mnot going there, but it seems clear to me that anywhere ships dock, you’re going to find a mix of nationalities, and I am trying to give that flavor.

  3. Dypak

    He’s bold and he’s tan, he’s a New Zealand man, that’s a Maori!

    Sorry, couldnt resist. Sing it, if you don’t get it.

    He has a definate Maori look to him. Not anachronistic at all. Put’s me in mind of Queequeg, from Melville’s ‘Moby Dick’. Those New Enlgander merchants from the late 1700′s and into the 1800′s got everywhere and brought who knows what back with them.

    This is a great comic, I’ve really enjoyed it so far! Lookiing forward to how the story goes.

  4. Nathan Rockwood

    Lovecraft was certainly…uh…’well-grounded’ in the racism of his era (though he was surprisingly progressive in other ways). So much so that it may be more accurate to say that he was prejudiced against everyone who was NOT a white, upper-class, American or British born, educated person from New England.

    It does make it tricky to be “accurate” when writing fiction that involves him or his style, so trying to portray the dockside hubbub and general trans-national population is definitely a better choice!

    Also: I like how the story so far portrays the more supernatural characters. Makes it hard to tell which lurking figure is a mugger, and which is a horrible THING from beyond time and space :-)

  5. Gillsing

    That last panel is looking truly omnious. Though not so much if I turn up my gamma enough to see the tattoos in the third panel… and the third guy in the fifth panel. I’ve now set my brightness and gamma so it’ll work well with this page, and the last panel still looks very much like a lovecraftian slum, just not as dark and omnious as it did at first. I wonder what more details I hopefully won’t be missing in the future…

  6. xenananashi

    Is that an actual language on the right-most sign there, or is it just supposed to look like a off-setting jargon?
    Also, nice work on the shadow as he’s walking through the tunnel there-

  7. lovecraf

    This was one of my favorite pages that I’ve done thus far, and it took forever to get it done, so I’m glad it’s having its desired effect. But that right-most sign, that’s just supposed to be an illegible sign, not a special language or code or anything significant.

  8. Michelle Souliere

    I really dig the color palette you’re using. Fantastic atmosphere!

  9. Rattrap1

    Excellent work. Just found this comic a couple of pages back and it’s now added to my small list of “return to read” web comics.

    I like how in the center panels, nearly all the figures are staring out at the reader. I’m sure that as I move around my office, their eyes seem to follow me. Very effective and conveying an uncomfortable feeling.

  10. Daedalus_x

    Sorry, although Maori culture does indeed involve full-facial tattoos, those piercings are extremely European. New Zealand doesn’t have sufficient easily workable metal for Maori to have developed rings of the sort you see there.

  11. lovecraf

    An interesting tidbit, Daeduls_x; it would carry more weight if we were in New Zealand. Being as he is as far afield as Providence, the guy is a sailor, and body piercings are likely the least heinous foreign influence he has pickedup in his travels.

  12. Bruce

    Great! The colors in the last panel are very atmospheric.