April 30th, 2010



  1. Theophage

    Excellent as usual. Is that a “The Yellow Wallpaper” reference?

  2. lovecraf

    Actually, it’s a double reference, to Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s 1892 masterpiece, The Yellow Wallpaper, and to Gaston LeRoux’s 1908 locked-room mystery, The Mystery of the Yellow Room. Good eye! And well-read, too.

  3. Katy

    I’m extremely interested in how Reba’s accent and grammar changes as soon as she’s out of ear-shot of her employers … from “you knows we kin, chile” to “hurry, child, we haven’t much time.” *raises eyebrow* Fascinating … And apparently Reba is there in an attempt to thwart whatever Larch & Co. are up to. This will be GREAT …

    Of course … now I have to wait along with everyone else to see what happens *gnaws on knuckle* Of course I’ll be checking back so as to vote, which means at least I will be able to check comments. Exciting!!

  4. tatteredking

    Welcome back! I’ve missed the comic! Glad to have it back in my weekly read!

  5. Yogge-Sotothe

    Uh oh, something’s happening there, and I don’t think it’s right. I got the “Yellow Wallpaper” reference, I’ll have to read up on the “Mystery of the Yellow Room”

  6. Tully Monster

    Ha! I thought of the Charlotte Perkins Gilman story too, as soon as I saw that panel of wallpaper peeled down almost to the floor. Didn’t get the LeRoux, though. Nice!

  7. Zielscheibe

    Ha! i think i found something! Wenn you read ‘Reba’ from left to ride, it is the german word ‘aber’. The translation for this is ‘but’ . and her actions showed, that she up to bust the ‘party’ ^^ sorry for my bad english -_-’

  8. SLUgamer

    A friend just turned me on to this and I read from start to current in one sitting! Loving this comic!!

  9. Rika

    I love “The Yellow Wallpaper”!
    Little references like that make me smile. Thanks much for including it!

  10. Lissy

    Oh son of a biscuit… they were going to do something horrible to her, weren’t they?

  11. lovecraf

    Uh, Lissy, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but…it’s not over yet.

  12. Veteran n00b

    Just getting into lovecraft (found yer site in the book “Cthulhu 101″). Like SLUgamer I’ve just read from the start in 1 hit. Great work, looking forward to more.

  13. Karyl

    oh-oh! I don’t like the sound of this at all–I hope Reba is successful!

  14. alanborky


    Lazza – just voted again and I’m dis-GUSTED!

    You’re ONLY 73!

    …well, you can’t help your age…

    But I re-FUSE to be-LIEVE there’s 72 – SEVENTY-two? – online comics out there better than yours!

    It’s a bleedin’ OUTRAGE!

    …anyway, I’m now go’n’o put me straitjacket back on and return to me padded cell.

    …stupid buggerin’ %*$@#…slaves of @~<% Satan…bleedin' @&£*$~# conspiracy…sodding ~#£&* masons…