The Truth or Falsity of Our Beliefs
April 2nd, 2010

The Truth or Falsity of Our Beliefs


  1. DaDonYordel

    i wish the Philippines really did have cults centered around eldritch abominations…

    once again superb work..

  2. Al Bruno III

    I am so glad this is back!

  3. Verne

    Back at the second of April with Cthuluesque art, makes me think of Wilcox, also a very beautiful page.

  4. Colin G

    Welcome back. Been looking forward to this for months.

  5. malachi

    Damn, poor Milo!

  6. Edgewalker

    Oh, wow, you sure started this one off with a bang! Given the Oklahoma location, things are certainly promising already. :D Welcome back!

  7. Kestrel

    Yaaay! I’m glad the comic has returned and can’t wait for more!

  8. Online Comics

    You should totally add your site to so I can add it to my faves. =]

  9. bbbarry

    I have been enjoying this so much, hooray! Looking forward to the next instalment. Thanks!

  10. Boris

    I was expecting you to continue where Mercy’s having been knocked out left us, but noooo…. of course not :-)

    Look forward to following you again, Larry.

  11. bunch2

    Bunch, please assure your readers that the “purty” gal in the first panel was not even loosely based on me.
    Thank you kindly!
    Love, your wife

  12. lovecraf

    For the record, my wife is the loveliest, best-fulest, most beautiful-est wife in the world and bears no resemblance whatsoever to the Raindrop Gal, though it is just so wifely that she might fear it to be so.

  13. chirs3

    I’ve never read Lovecraft, or anything like it. And I’ve hated almost every comic book or graphic novel I’ve ever read.

    So please understand my full meaning when I say that what you’re doing here is AMAZING. I’m behind on my schoolwork because I consumed the entire archive over the weekend. And I’m now mad that I have to wait for more. :P

    You’ve made a convert out of me, sir. Well done.

  14. thedude

    YAY! He’s back! Man your comic is awesome. Its a shame that there aren’t many Lovecraftian comics and good ones are very few. You sir have joined the ranks of the few awesome lovecraft comics out there, keep up the great work!

  15. Stygian Depths

    Awesome return. I am amazed at how well you tell a story spanning years in just one page. Perfectly meted out.

    Small suggestion on the banner advertisement that shows on TWC: the blurbs fly by too quickly to read completely. If there’s a way to slow down the cycle by another couple seconds, you should.

  16. Katy

    Just re-read the earlier stuff and now getting caught up after getting all my links lost due to our computer dying a horrible death last fall and me ending up in the depths of despair and not having the energy to do anything about finding my old webcomics for a long time … I’m very happy I re-discovered this one! I’ve been reading the archives for about 9 hours now (that is closely examining each page, reading all the comments because I don’t have the esoteric knowledge to “get” everything, examining the pages AGAIN to see what people have commented on, then on to the next page with occasional breaks to annoy my cat by cooing at him and cuddling him) and it is very sad I am to be getting close to the end of them so that I’ll have to wait for each subsequent update …

    Poor Milo, they look to have done a real number on him … I wonder if we’ll get to see him fully, or just this tantalizing bit … I’m trying to decide which would be more macabre …

    Anyway, great story and I’ve been enjoying trying to catch all the subtle nuances despite my lack of knowledge of HPL – I’ve read “In the Mountains of Madness and Other Stories” about a year or so ago, but that’s it – and I have a really bad memory, so unless I’ve read something literally dozens of times, it really doesn’t stick very well …

    And this was a LONG post – sorry … but I’ve been itching to comment all along and this was the first place I was able to do so … :-) otherwise I’d have posted earlier to let you know how much I”m enjoying the story. I’ve been voting as often as the TWC will let me – I sure hope everyone else is voting, too!!!