January 14th, 2009



  1. Illiani

    A very interesting piece of work.
    I’m looking forward to the next.

  2. FekketCantenel

    Panel 4 = wut.

    Uh……wut? Is that in my favor? I’m thinking we are separated somewhat by the Generational Divide and I’ll need you to translate for me.

  3. Kinetic Waffle

    Wut, in modernized terms, is an shorthand version of “Woot”, another new term derived from the common literary definition of the noise created by an owl, ensnared by the internet fandom surrounding the meme of the “Orly?” and “Yarly!” owls, then redifined as an appreciative exclaimation, such as; “We did it! Woot!”

    Similar fandoms include the use of the phrases ‘Win’, ‘Fail’, ‘Lol’ and ‘Epic’ in place of perfectly acceptable english. Now, for the love of god, fortify the Generational Gap and keep yourself safe from the disease that is the children of the nineties.


  4. Donalb

    Some of the pages in the archive are not working, repeated PHP errors. Great stuff though!

    I’m looking into it. I had some similar problems navigating to pages this morning, but repeated attempts usually got me through. I haven’t changed anything in the programming, so I’m not sure what the issue might be. If anyone else is having this problem, please let me know.

  5. Illiani

    Just curious — is there a schedule to the releases here or shall I just sporadically return?

    I love the small bits you’ve put in here and there for fans of the great man’s work — keep it up.

    There is indeed a plan, two pages every Wednesday for 13 weeks, then a break to prepare issue 3, and so on. Six issues total. On issue one I actually managed to get 3 pages up twice, but that seems less likely this time around. As I said in the blog, the book is finished except for the coloring, and we are ahead on that, so I don’t foresee any schedule interruptions.

    I’m glad you’re noticing the small bits. That’s the most fun part…and some of them will be germane to the story as we go along.

  6. Ardid

    Just… awesome. “El Joven Lovecraft” y “The Unspeakable Vault of Doom” are good, but the web was missing some serious Lovecraftian story.

    Please, keep the excelent work. You have a new regular reader here.

  7. xennanashi

    Impressive detail for that wound- Is the way it’s regrowing in panel three supposed to be reminisce of tendrils? If so, good work!
    I don’t think the ‘new’ generation’s language is all a bad thing; English is a living language, it needs to develop over time; as long as everyone involved comprehends what’s being said, there’s nothing inherently wrong with things like ‘epic win’
    (Yes, I do realize the issue at hand was a lack of understanding, so in this case it doesn’t work so well)

    Thanks for the good words. I started to edit out the last part of your comment, as I don’t want this to turn into a forum for the use of language in the modern age, but on reflection, its not as far off topic as you might think. I accept that ‘wut’, whatever its ultimate meaning, was meant as a boost rather than a knock, and take the rest of KW’s comment in the humorous spirit that I think is intended. But Lovecraft’s use of language is a key part of what I enjoy about his writing, affected as it sometimes seems. There is a cadence and rhythm to his work that, to me, is as important as his concepts in conveying the other worldly events of his stories. And while I am at it, if anyone is interested in the idea of how the English language has evolved, I recommend the History of the English Language audiobook from The Great Courses. It’s likely that in a hundred years a person won’t be able to conceive of a time when ‘wut’ wasn’t part of the standard vocabulary.:-D

  8. Doctor TOC

    I’ve just chanced upon this site, but you can bet I’ll be coming back on a regular basis. This is great stuff! The Old Gentleman of Providence would be well-pleased, I think.

  9. hungry


  10. Gwendolyn

    I just read through all the back-pages of this delightful comic, and I must say I am thrilled to be able to add another bookmark to my ever growing webcomic folder. Bravo, sir, and I look forward to more in the future.

  11. SalParadise

    As a native Rhode Islander and someone who enjoys Lovecraft’s work, I really liked running across this site. The artwork is superb and the story is compelling. Please keep it up!

  12. unutterable

    Fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the archives of this comic and I look forward to future installments :-)

  13. Scatterbreak

    Just read through the whole archive – bookmarked! You can be sure I’ll be back on a regular basis.

    Interesting story that’s extremely well written so far. The style of your art, which is fantastic, is perfectly suited to the subject material. I’ll be looking forward to future installments.

  14. Razak

    One word – AWESOMESAUCE!!!

    now i feel better, keep ‘em comin’ and we’ll keep on reading them. now to bookmark this comic

  15. Preatori0us

    I just wandered in after seeing a link with the name H. P. Lovecraft. This is great, I’ve read the archive and I’ll be back for more.

  16. Rick

    Great work, I’m looking forward to more of your story. The art is great and the writing is excellent. I’ve also had problems with the links. I messed with the calendar, got to where the link was broke and tried to go back to see if the link was broke in both directions. Then I tried to go forward (why not?) It worked. Weird. Spooky, in the “world is more terrible than my mind can conceive”, spooky – weird way! >8-o

  17. FekketCantenel

    I actually meant ‘wut’ as a blurted ‘what’ because the panel was so grotesque and shocking. It was meant as a compliment.

    I’ve never seen it written to mean ‘woot’, and I’ve never seen ‘woot’ used to mean an owl’s cry (isn’t that ‘who’?). Despite the author’s comments above, Kinetic Waffle, I don’t think this is the place for your ‘get off my lawn’ ranting. ‘u r’ shorthand annoys me as much as the next grammar Nazi, but come on, can’t a girl say ‘wut’ on a Lovecraft webcomic site?

    Author Person, you might be better off actually commenting rather than editing other people’s to add your responses. Look around some and you can find a few WordPress plugins that will make your comments a different color from everyone else’s.

  18. Damoinion

    Just going thru the archives now, great so far but…ummm…wrong hand? Was L/H cut off in previous page and in 1st panel on this one, R/H regenerating. Unless I’m missing the point and he cut off both.

  19. lovecraf

    Damonian, I really want to tell you that this was some subtle story point -there are some– that will be explained in the fullness of time. After 30 years in animation, where continuity is critical, I’d like to think I didn’t make mistakes like the one you suggest. But facts is facts, and you caught a monumentally bone-headed mistake (now rectified) that also slipped past all the other readers, at least the ones who have bothered to comment. Thanks for pointing it out and saving me further embarrassment.

  20. Sandy

    Further to the “hand confusion” topic, the one in panel two is a right hand.

    Fun comic thus far. It’s bringing up memories of my Call of Cthulhu RPG days. Now back to reading the rest of the archive…

  21. lovecraf

    Well, at least I know somebody is really paying attention! Thanks for the tip. I will fix that as soon as I get caught up.

  22. Thermidor101

    Is this page missing or is it just the weird angle that I’m seeing it in?

  23. confused

    why isn’t there a picture for this entry?

  24. lovecraf

    Don’t know what happened, but the page is back up now.

  25. confused

    thx! love the work. sorry for the confusion.