A Big Misunderstanding
December 11th, 2009

A Big Misunderstanding


  1. Ali S.

    This may sound like an odd observation or quirk…but I’m really digging that Harfager’s Seafood Logo. :)

  2. wolfofsilver

    ….I’m seriously wondering if that is REALLY H. P. Lovecraft.

    I mean, as a character within this lovely comic. ^_^;;; (Didn’t want anyone to misunderstand me.) But seriously, wondering where this is going…and what is going to happen–especially since the guy from the little shop Miss Mercy was at previously is standing on the porch with a hand-sledge….

  3. machiavelli33

    Howard’s been busy. I wonder who he is, really? He’s not just a writer, here. Not with his name on the lips of all of these people.

  4. Boris

    Great work on facial expressions here. And how Mercy cranes her neck to deliver that quip towards Howard… real class.

    No idea as to this turn of events. Very glad you gave us a heads up as to how many books this caper’s gonna have in the end… It’s like watching Lost. If you don’t repeat to yourself it’s going to come together after six seasons, you stop trying to get what’s going on anymore.

    Enjoy your break… look forward to the cliffhanger.

  5. Eric

    HPL didn’t like seafood one bit. That’s an impostor, or his brains have been scrambled (or taken beyond the last curved rim of space). I think it’s interesting that our young author may be set up to be the ‘new’ HPL, though.

  6. Nathan J. Fealko

    Well, at least he LOOKS like the real Howard.

    (Also, it’s only spelled “judgement” in England. But most people don’t know that.)

  7. AcroRay

    HPL hated fish, according to biographers. Even the smell made him retch. That’s not HPL…

  8. Shadgrimgrvy

    Poo, I thought I would be the first one to point out that he didn’t like fish. Not only that, but I thought he was violently allergic to it.

  9. Kestrel

    Maybe the Mi-Go stole his brain. :)

  10. AcroRay

    Maybe the Yith are involved!

  11. Dhes

    OH, that’s DEFINITELY not Howie! Not only did even just the smell of fish make him sick, he’d never have been caught dead even owning a handkerchief in such a gaudy and “ungentlemanly” color. Or that suit, for that matter. Blue, yes. Aqua or turquoise, never! I am most intrigued with the possibilities of where this might be going….

  12. alanborky

    Because it seems to matter to you, and because you can be bothered to produce on a regular basis a rather masterful piece of truly compelling storytelling, (both image and narrative wise), I thought it only fair and proper to be bothered enough to go over to topwebcomics and vote for Lovecraft Is Missing – ‘appy chris’mas, from the city of The Beatles!

  13. lovecraf

    Most appreciated, mate, bioth the vote and the comments

  14. Violet Black

    I am glad that alanborky pointed out the vote button; I had not noticed it.

    It is interesting to read the comments and hear all the things that I am missing as a newbie to Lovecraft. Though I may not catch it myself, it seems like quite a fine level of detail goes into the writing…