Back in Tough Luck
April 10th, 2009

Back in Tough Luck


  1. Scott Jenkins

    Fine, get me hooked then make me wait. I’ll just start chewing my nails right now. I should be down to the elbows when book 3 starts, which will make it a pain to operate a mouse. But I’ll do it!

    dang it….

  2. Carolate

    I can’t wait for more. It’s, it’s… I told all my friends about this page. It’s incredible…

  3. Eric

    Wow. Miss Hurter has officially become the latest “scariest” image in the comic ;) On the other hand, perhaps advertising “naked ladies” in the comic may just push this comic to the number one spot on TWC ;)
    Great stuff. Great stuff :)

  4. Allison

    Hey, that’s Milo and his dad from way back at the beginning :) Small universe, I guess. Then again, who DOESN’T worship dark gods in their barn?

  5. John Darque

    May?! MAY!!!??? MAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!

  6. Fin

    woah! is it just me or did things get very naked all of a sudden?
    Oh, abd FYI Miz Hurter, just ruined my Dinner… My eyeballs are still shuddering!
    Also 27th of May is too FAR away! You’re being very unfair, getting me hooked and then holding out on the issues ┬¼_┬¼

  7. Dypak

    This has got to be one of the best comics around. It has so perfectly captured the whole Lovecraftian feel. And this new twist, things look dark back in the Sooner state! I am completely addicted!

  8. Fyrehair

    May isn’t so long. And this comic is worth the wait.

    LiM is amazing! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  9. Bruce

    Headfirst into the woodchipper craziness! Love it! I put May 27 on my schedule alarm.

  10. HPL4MEC

    “OKLAHOMA …where the sins come sweeping down the plains”….

  11. Planar

    LIM has been a great read so far. Thanks for that. I ll be eagerly waiting for more.

  12. JWomack 94

    I knew those ratty old barns in the middle of nowhere were up to no good… especially when there’s a green glow coming from them at night.

    And where are all the nubile young cute cultists? I think you’d draw more votes with them than Miz Hurter (who really does hurt the eyes nearly as much as the little idol on the plinth).

  13. Fin

    Yes the Cthulu statue[?] looks set to make an excellent episode come may!
    Very excited!

  14. Al Bruno III

    Great stuff. I can’t wait for the next part!

  15. Jenny Lovecraft

    Brilliant. Just brilliant, I can’t wait to see the next chapter – the lovecraftian element is wonderfully placed and it’s definitively to much fun … I’m waiting anxiously for the next issue.
    Thank you for the wonderful work :)


  16. eoghan

    Never thought I would feel sorry for Milo…but that expression on his face in panel 6 (actually all of the panels that show a close up of his face) actually breaks me a little inside.

  17. Jad'

    A cliffhanger at the end of each new page.
    Perfect match betwee coloring and the atmosphere of the scenes.
    I’m so eager to know what is next…

  18. Aaron J. Howell

    Fantastic series. Have you ever thought of a novelization? Sure to be a big seller. Also, looking around for publishers of the comic itself might not be a bad idea. The story is a solid addition to the mythos. Bravo!

  19. Scy

    Just got here via UVoD. This comic is awesome, can’t wait for more.
    Greetings from Chile! Yeah, we got R’lyeh really close to our shore. xP

  20. Tim H.

    Excellent extension of HPL’s world and using elements of his great stories. Nicely done and I’d buy the hard copy version (maybe Dark Horse??). Thanx.

  21. wolfofsilver

    I’m loving it, but I keep coming back to this page, in hopes that LIM will have updated anyhow. Of course, I know better, but it’s as if something is drawing me back…….

  22. Gareth

    May is a long wait. fantastic art and while Miz Hurter did leave my eyeballs a quiver the couple in the middle of the seventh panel make me want to reach for a spork so I can remove my eyes.

  23. Dramatiker

    Whoah… Thanks to one of my all-time-favourite mythos-fun comics – The Unspeakable Vault – I came here… to find… er… lossfer words. Amazing storyline, great drawn, beautiful lights and shading and fantastic wording. Thanks for a masterpiece, I’ll stay here and vote… and vote…

  24. Squeamish

    Oh god. This comic is wonderful. You had better start updating in July again, otherwise I’ll sic the Bahkee after you. Seriously, getting me addicted to a new outpouring of truly creepy H.P.L. comic-love is one thing, but then holding out on me for an entire month? MADNESS.

    Keep up the good work. Your coloring is amazing, your story even more so. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

  25. lovecraf

    Keep the Bahkee on its leash, Squeamish. I’ll start updating a little less than a week from today, just as advertised. It’s the blog entries that are getting pushed back. Thanks for the good words, and be here Wednesday, May 27, as Book Three begins to unfold.

  26. Ashvati

    @Eric; I would hate to see this comic cheapen itself in that way to get votes. Too many comics rely on that kinda thing, like that crappy bait-and-switch Sore Thumbs. Its not even about video games, they just happen to own a video game store, the pink-haired chick is just paraded around but never so much as naked, and the whole thing is just a political soapbox.

    Enough ranting. I love the last line in this page, and how its being applied to cthulhu worship.

  27. Ben

    There is a new comic publisher called Boom! Studios that already does several Lovecraftian books, and I don’t think any of them are as good as this. They’d print and distribute this for sure.