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Monday Again…

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

You’ll no doubt have noticed that there’s been a dearth of Lovecraftian-themed material in my posts of late. That’s not for want of trying. Either I am just not traveling in the right circles or not much is going on in that vein right now.

I’ve never read many of the Lovecraftian pastiches by authors like Brian Lumley or even Derleth, and I’m loathe to get into them right now simply because I don’t want any influence slipping in uninvited. But there are lots of Lovecraft movies out there and though all the ones I’ve ever seen are pretty bad, for you I am going to start watching and reviewing them. You may now be moved by my sacrifice.

I’ll start with what they have on Netflix, and if you have any favorites that I can rip to shreds review, let me know.

Aug.20 will be HPL’s 120th birthday. I am trying to think of something special, but haven’t as yet. I will, though.