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Lovecraftian Updates

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Good Monday Morning, February 1, to everybody. Just a little update for the soul here.

I’ve mostly finished the script for issue 4. I say mostly because it is way too long and needs some tightening. I’ve already moved the Walter Cow sequence to issue 5, which is frustrating, because I am really looking forward to it. But all in good time.

I’ve finished the drawing/lettering on the first two pages, and have toughed page 3, so I am pretty much on schedule. Here’s a little teaser panel for you to ponder. I won’t start coloring until I have six or seven pages done. My goal, should you be interested, is to have the first eight panel 1 Lovecraftian Updatespages loaded by the time issue 4 goes live, and have up to page 15 inked and lettered. That will give me plenty of breathing room. who knows, towards the end I might even be able to go back to posting two pages a week. (No promises!)

This Friday there will be another chapter on How to Make a Web Comic, and next Monday a unique movie review that offers a unique look at the subtleties of telling a story, regardless of the medium. It’s, uh, unique.

I’ve also found a few other web comics I like and want to pass on to you:

Split Lip is a series of unrelated (I think) horror short stories, all written by Sam Costello but each illustrated by different artists. They vary in interest, as any short story collection, but the quality is well above average. And no, I am notpromoting this because Sam advertises regularly on this site. I vet the ads as they come in, and started reading the stories and they’re good. Take a peek.

Furious Comics is a similar horror anthology site with multiple stories by Phil McClorey and various artists. There’s a bit of Lovecraftian content, though it’s a bit too derivative. Still, for horror comics on the web, it’s worth reading, and there’s a nice fat archive.

The Abominable Charles Christopher is an Eisner Award winning-strip about a dim-witted Yeti. It’s humorous fantasy rather than horror, but the stories are engaging and the art terrific.

Freak Angels is a continuing strip, a mix of science fiction and horror, by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield. The quality is what one would expect from such pros.

And, as always I highly recommend The Unspeakable Vault of Doom (and check out Goomi’s serious Lovecraftian art), The Secret Knots, A Softer World and Young Lovecraft. (Hmm. Currently having some server issues, and can’t get the link toYL at the moment, but it’s on the Links page.)

Have a good week.